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Campus Outreach Programs

Adopt-A-Dorm Program

Adopt-A-Dorm Program

Adopt-A-Dorm was one of the original Campus Outreach programs in September 2014. Each year a Public Safety Campus Outreach officer adopts a freshman dorm to give the incoming students a familiar and friendly face from the Department of Public Safety.

Pine Hall

Click photo above for Pine Hall website

Linden Hall

Click photo above for Linden Hall website

Mackin Hall

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Bischoff Hall

Click photo above for Bischoff Hall website

Awards & Recognition

Awards & Recognition

The Department of Public Safety is proud to have been nominated for or received the following awards.

July 2015

PSO Barmore was nominated for the Staff Excellence in Service Award 

June 2016

PSO Tomaselli won a Staff Excellence Award for Unionized Staff 

October 2016

The Public Safety Department was presented with the Bright Idea Award for our commitment to creating a warm, safe and welcoming environment to the campus community

January 2017

PSO Barmore was awarded the You Deserve a Hand Recognition 

Blue Light Personal Property Identification Program

Blue Light Personal Property Identification Program

The Blue Light Personal Property Identification Program began in September 2015 and continues to be on of our most popular programs. This program is an excellent partner with the Protecting Your Personal Items program. This program is designed to have students, faculty, and staff fill out a short registration form, have their property marked with an invisible ink (given a unique registration number) and entered into the Blue Light Database in the Public Safety office. Since the program’s introduction in the fall of 2015 over 500 items across campus have been registered with cellphones and laptops being the two most commonly registered items. Additionally, every Wednesday during the semester a Public Safety Campus Outreach officer mans an Registration/Information Table from 1 PM to 2 PM in the Student Center. Stop by for information on the Blue Light program and register your property.


Blue Light Registration Form

Bystander Intervention Presentation

Bystander Intervention Presentation

The Public Safety Campus Outreach program offers a Power Point presentation available to various student, faculty, and staff groups that will provide information regarding the taking of action in the event that you are a witness to any criminal action or wrong-doing.

Campus Outreach in the News

Campus Outreach in the News

September 29, 2014 

Public Safety Officer Introduces Self-defense Program

October 29, 2014


September 16, 2015

Ramapo Offers Self-defense Course for Women

October 22, 2015

Public Safety Releases Weekly Newsletter to Increase Outreach

Campus Outreach Photo Gallery

Campus Outreach Photo Gallery

Campus Safety Presentation

Campus Safety Presentation

The Public Safety Campus Outreach program offers a Power Point presentation available to various student, faculty, and staff groups that will provide information regarding general campus safety.

Coffee Jam Competition

Coffee Jam Competition

In February 2016 the Campus Outreach program launched the Coffee Jam Competition which was previously Poetry Slam. This is a weekly competition for those who want to compete with words. Coffee Jam is comprised of Poetry Slam, karaoke and open mic and the winner will have their work published in the Public Safety Newsletter.

In the Coffee Jam, members of the audience are chose by the host to act as judges for the event. In the national slam, there are five judges, but smaller slams generally have three. After each poet performs, each judge awards a score to that work. Scores generally range between zero and ten. The highest and lowest score are dropped, giving each performance a rating between zero and thirty points.

Committees & Panels

Committees & Panels

The Public Safety Campus Outreach program is proud and honored to have served, or is currently serving on the following committees and panels:


  1. Title IX Committee (2/2016 to present)
  2. Take Your Child to Work Committee (2016/17 & 2017/18)
  3. Prevention Education Coordinator Search Committee (1/2017 to 5/2017)
  4. Student Engagement Steering Committee (2/2017 to present)
    • Diversity Sub-Committee
    • Service Sub-Committee
  5. Name Committee (7/2017 to present)


  1. Public Safety and Title IX Investigator Focus Group (March 2016)
  2. Break the Cycle (April 2016)
  3. What’s in a Name (January 2018)

Please contact us if you feel that a Campus Outreach officer would be an asset to your committee or panel.

Commuter Safety Presentation

Commuter Safety Presentation

The Public Safety Campus Outreach program offers a Power Point presentation available to the campus commuters that will provide information regarding general campus safety and commuting safety tips.

Cyber Awareness Presentation

Cyber Awareness Presentation

The Public Safety Campus Outreach program offers a Power Point presentation available to various student, faculty, and staff groups that will provide information regarding Cyber Awareness, Cyber Safety, and Cyber Bullying.

Do You Need Program or Presentation Assistance?

Do You Need Program or Presentation Assistance?

Do you need the assistance of the Public Safety Campus Outreach team for a class project or presentation? We are here for you! In the short history of the Public Safety Campus Outreach program we have assisted many students and student groups with their final projects and presentations. We have sat on panels, given presentations and helped to organize events. If you have a project and you believe that we can help please contact us.

Past Programs/Presentations

  1. Sexual Assault Symposium with BCPO – April 2016
  2. Nugs & Drugs – November 2016
  3. R.A.D. Intro Class – February 2017
  4. R.A.D. Intro Class – March 2017
  5. R.A.D. Intro Class – April 2017
  6. R.A.D. Intro Class – October 2017
  7. Nugs & Drugs – February 2018
Domestic Violence Presentation

Domestic Violence Presentation

The Public Safety Campus Outreach program offers a Power Point presentation available to various student, faculty, and staff groups that will provide information regarding Domestic Violence.


Emergency Preparedness Videos

Emergency Preparedness Videos

Shots Fired




FREE Coffee & Popcorn

FREE Coffee & Popcorn

In May of 2016 the Public Safety office began to offer free coffee to the students, faculty and staff during the week of final exams. This initiative was enormously successful and popular and therefore, in September of 2016, the Public Safety department continued to provide free coffee as well as free popcorn.

Information Table

Information Table

Beginning in September 2014 the Information Table is another of the original Campus Outreach programs. Every Thursday during the semester a Public Safety Campus Outreach officer mans an Information Table from 12 PM to 1 PM in the Student Center. Stop by for a brochure and information on all of the programs that the Campus Outreach program has to offer.

It's On Us Campaign & Additional Resources

RCNJ “It’s On Us” Videos


Click image left to view video


Click image left to view video

Title IX & Affirmative Action

Katherine McGee
Director Title IX , ADA , Compliance Training
Phone: (201) 684-7220
Office: ASB-017

Helen Higginbotham
Director Affirmative Action & Workplace Compliance
Phone: (201) 684-7540
Office: ASB-016

Elizabeth Fanelli
Equity & Compliance Investigat
Phone: (201) 684-7386
Office: ASB-015

Additional Resources

Office of Violence Prevention (OVP)


Compliance Laws

Title IX


Clery Act




LiveSafe App

LiveSafe APP

What is LiveSafe?

LiveSafe is a personal safety mobile app that Ramapo College is providing to all students, faculty, and staff to download for free. The app provides a quick, convenient, and discreet way to communicate directly with Ramapo College Public Safety officials, enhancing your overall safety and allowing Ramapo College Public Safety to better protect you.

LiveSafe Goals: A Mobile Solution to Increase Overall Safety

  • Communication: To increase communication between the Ramapo College community and Public Safety officials in order to increase safety and awareness.
  • Prevention: To be a preventative measure in stopping crimes and incidents before they occur.
  • Collaboration: To leverage the community’s eyes and ears in helping keep campus safe.

Explaining the Main Features of the LiveSafe App:

  • Report Tips: The “Report Tips” feature allows you to send text, picture, video, and audio directly to Ramapo College Public Safety in real-time, and anonymously if you prefer. You can share information about any safety incidents or concerns, such as suspicious activity, theft, harassment, and more. You can also engage in a live chat with a safety official.
  • Emergency Options: By calling 911, calling Ramapo College Public Safety, or Messaging Ramapo College Public Safety from the “Emergency Options” screen, you will initiate location tracking, allowing Public Safety officials to see where you are and respond to you more quickly in an emergency situation. You can easily stop location tracking at any time after the call is placed.
  • SafeWalk: Get from place to place safely by using SafeWalk to invite your contacts to “virtually escort” you, allowing them to follow your location on a map as they chat with you. You can request to virtually escort others as well.
  • Security Escort: Request for a Ramapo College Public Safety member to escort you in person to your destination.
  • Receive Alerts: Stay up to date by receiving important safety notifications and emergency alerts from Ramapo College Public Safety.
  • Resources: Access important safety information such as emergency procedures, health & wellness resources, sexual assault assistance resources, and more.

Best Practices to Download and Start Using the LiveSafe App

  • Complete your profile: To gain the maximum benefit of the LiveSafe app, make sure to complete your user profile with your mobile phone number. This helps Ramapo College better respond to reports you send in.
  • Enable Push Notifications: Allow “Push Notifications” to be enabled in your Settings. Ramapo College Public Safety will send important alerts through SMS, email, and push notifications. You will not be spammed.
  • Enable Location Services: Be sure to enable location services. Public Safety officials rely on GPS data to better serve and protect you. When you report an incident or make an emergency call through the app, Ramapo College will see your location so they can respond quickly. Don’t worry! You are not being actively tracked, and can stop location tracking (when used during emergencies) any time you want.

Steps to Download LiveSafe

  1. Download “LiveSafe” from the App Store or Google Play (Enable location services and push notifications when prompted).
  2. Sign up using your mobile phone number.
  3. Create a password and fill in your name.
  4. Search for “Ramapo College” to connect with the organization.

5. Add your email to your profile (Left Menu > Settings

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is LiveSafe?

LiveSafe is a free mobile app made available by Ramapo College. The easy to use app is designed to prevent crime and enable timely and effective incident response. Through the LiveSafe app, smartphone users can communicate directly with safety officials through a cloud-based dashboard. This dashboard is monitored by officials within the Ramapo College Security Department.

What are the main features of LiveSafe?

The core features include quick tip submittal via text with picture and video attachments (including the option to stay anonymous), live chat with safety officials, fast access to emergency phone numbers that initiate location tracking when called, a comprehensive safety map that pinpoints incidents on or near campus, and a peer-to-peer tool called SafeWalk that allows friends to watch out for each other through location monitoring and group chat. Additionally, app users can receive important broadcast notifications specific to their campus.

Why would someone use this app in an emergency?

So long as users have the capacity to make voice calls, we encourage anyone in an emergency to always call 9-1-1. If, however, a user is unable to make a direct call due to situational or technical issues, or if they must be discrete, then LiveSafe reporting becomes advantageous. Additionally, when the Emergency button is used to dial 9-1-1, dial campus Security, or message campus Security, location services are enabled to help emergency personnel find your location.

If I download LiveSafe, can law enforcement see my location whenever they want?

No. Your location is only sent to Ramapo College when you submit a tip (anonymous or not) or use one of the features within the Emergency button (Call 911, Call Campus Security, or Message Campus Security).  When you submit a tip, your current location is only submitted once and is attached to that tip – tracking is not enabled. However, when you use the Emergency button, your location is tracked until you stop location tracking within the Emergency button screen.

Why do I need to fill out a user profile after downloading LiveSafe?

Filling out the user profile will help law enforcement contact you if additional information is needed after you submit a tip. If you use the Emergency button, they will have immediate access to your name and contact information. This is imperative in emergency situations if you lose connection with law enforcement or if your identity is needed because you are in distress.

Is the anonymous feature really anonymous if I have filled out my user profile or if I use the chat feature?

Yes, it is. If you check the “Send Anonymously” box when submitting a tip, your user information will show up as “Anonymous” in all of the fields. Even if Ramapo College’s  Public Safety Department use the Live Chat feature to obtain additional information, you will still appear as anonymous.

What happens when I click “Call 911” from the Emergency button?

When you click on the “Call 911” button from the Emergency screen, a confirmation bubble will appear with “call” or “cancel” options. This will help ensure that users do not accidentally call 911 if it is not an emergency.

When I first download LiveSafe, why is the app asking to access my contacts?

The app will ask to access your contacts so you can easily add friends and family members to your LiveSafe contact list. This list is used for SafeWalk.

Do I need to enable location services for LiveSafe for it to work?

Yes. In order for the location-dependent features to work – like SafeWalk, tip submittal, and location tracking during emergency calls and messages – LiveSafe needs to be able to access your location. You will not be actively tracked when the app is not in use and when you are using non-location-dependent features.

What if a tip I submit to Ramapo College turns out to be a mistake?

Users will not be penalized for making claims that turn out to be untrue. So long as reports aren’t purposefully and falsely claimed, people are encouraged to share information with the Ramapo College Public Safety Department.


Madden Football Tournament

Madden Football Tournament

In September of 2016 the Public Safety Department Campus Outreach Program began offering a competition for gamers. This program is a weekly competition for those who want to compete in a computer gaming sports event. The program began on September 16, 2016 with Madden 16 and will upgrade to Madden 17 upon its availability. The weekly winner will be published in the Public safety newsletter.

Program Suggestions

Program Suggestions

Your Input Is Important Us: 

The Public Safety Campus Outreach program welcomes program suggestions from students, faculty and staff. Some of our best ideas have been a direct result of suggestions from the Ramapo College community. If you have a recommendation we’d love to hear from you.

Program Support

Program Support


The Public Safety Department is proud to support the following programs.

Alert Me Now

Crisis Manager App

Good Samaritan Policy

Green Dot

It’s On Us

Title IX Policy



Protecting Your Personal Items Presentation

Protecting Your Personal Items Presentation

The Public Safety Campus Outreach program offers a Power Point presentation available to various student, faculty, and staff groups that will provide information regarding how to protect your personal items and reducing your risk of becoming a victim of theft.



R.A.D. (Rape Aggression Defense) Program

R.A.D. Program

Rape Aggression Defense

The R.A.D. program was another of the original Campus Outreach programs that began in September 2014. The R.A.D. Systems of Self Defense Program offers programs for women, children, men and seniors. These offerings provide a truly holistic approach to self-defense education, supporting the necessity of continuous learning in order to provide realistic options for each population as they go through lie. Each of these programs includes educational components comprised of lecture, discussion, and physical resistive strategies. All of which are facilitated by certified R.A.D. Instructors supported by a network of dedicated professionals who honor one another’s students through a unique Lifetime Return and Practice Policy.

The R.A.D. class is a 9 hour class that can be customized to fit your scheduling needs. Reach out to us and find out how we can help you.


R.A.D. Instructors:

Tracey Barmore
Public Safety Officer
Phone: (201) 684-7432
Office: C-102

William Holmes
Public Safety Officer
Phone: (201) 684-7432
Office: C-102


Click to see R.A.D. Video

Stick Ball Tournament

Stick Ball Tournament

The Stick Ball Tournament began in September 2015 as a challenge from Tau Delta Phi (ΤΔΦ) as a result of positive outreach efforts in the Village area. It then turned into an organized weekly tournament. Any student, faculty or staff group can form a team and potentially play against the Public Safety Department team. The Public Safety team is equipped to move the tournament indoors (when available) and play wiffle ball instead.

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