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Each semester Ramapo College offers both online and in-seat course evaluations.  Instructors should let their unit secretaries know which method that he/she prefers to use so that the right amount of materials may be ordered.  You should also make your students aware that you plan to use this method for evaluating the course.   If you intend to use online evaluations please follow the directions below to opt in for this service:

Instructions on Opting In

  1. Log in to Faculty Self-Service.
  2. Click on the Faculty Services Tab
  3. Select ‘Surveys, Waivers, Ballots and Such…’
  4. Click on ‘Opt In for Online Course Evaluations’
  5. In the box provided, enter your CRNs, separated by commas. A CRN is a 5 digit number that looks like this: 40501 not this: 180
  6. Once you have entered your CRN’s Hit ‘Complete’

A confirmation email from the ITS department will be sent to your Ramapo email after you have opted in for the evaluations.  If you do not receive this confirmation you should check with the ITS department or the Provost’s office to see if you have actually opted in.

How to find a CRN Number

A CRN number can be found by going to “Class Schedule” on the Ramapo website:

  • Click on Class Schedule
  • Click on Search by Term
  • Hit submit

You can search for your class by subject or title.

When to Opt In

A general email is sent to all instructors and posted on Luminous each semester announcing the opt in process as well as the dates for completing online evaluations.  Unit secretaries and deans are also made aware of this process.

The actual evaluations start approximately two weeks after the opt in process.   Students will automatically receive an email with instructions on how to access the evaluation for your course(s).  They will also receive regular reminders until they have submitted all forms.

Viewing Online Evaluations

Faculty are able to view their online evaluations after grades have been posted.  An email will be sent to your Ramapo account alerting you that they are ready for viewing.  Each faculty member will only see a summary of their own reports.    You also have the option to view detailed course evaluation  reports.  These reports present individual student feedback rather than the aggregate information found in the regular evaluation summaries.

You can view course evaluations by following the directions listed below:

  1. Log into Banner Self-Service
  2. Go to the Faculty Tab
  3. Click on ‘Course Evaluation Reports’
  4. Click on the term to be viewed

For additional information on on-line evaluations please contact the Provost’s Office at Ext. 7529.