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Graduate Council

The Graduate Council formulates and institutes standards and regulations affecting graduate curricula. The Graduate Council is composed of the five Deans, the Director of the Library, the Vice Provost, the Vice President for Enrollment Management, the Director of Graduate Admissions, the Registrar, Graduate Program Directors, and representatives from ARC and Faculty Assembly. It meets monthly to discuss matters pertaining to the graduate programs.

The Graduate Council generally meets every 2nd Thursday of every month from 10 am to 12 noon.

Members 2020-2021

Graduate Council Meeting dates for 2021 appear below.


February 11 September 9
March 11 October 14
April 8 November 9 (Nov 11 is Veterans Day)
May 11 December 9
June 10

Graduate Council Meeting dates for 2022 appear below.


January 13
 February 10
 March 10
 April 14
 May 12
June 9
2015 Meeting Minutes
2014 Meeting Minutes
2013 Meeting Minutes

2013 Meeting Minutes

2012 Meeting Minutes

Graduate Program Budget Schedule

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