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"No Show" Process for Spring 2022

TO: All Faculty teaching in Spring 2022

FROM: Fernanda Papalia, Registrar

Dear Faculty,

As you are aware, financial aid that is awarded to students who enroll in but do not attend classes must be returned to the government. In order to ensure this occurs, which will safeguard Ramapo’s eligibility to participate in Title IV funding, faculty should report “No Show” students to the Office of the Registrar. Note that any student listed on your class roster who does not “attend any classes” (i.e., does not show up for in-person class meetings, does not join WebEx class sessions, does not respond to any emails, and/or does not log in to your course in Canvas) by the official 10th day of classes, which is February 1st, is to be considered a No Show. If a student shows up to only one class, logs into your Canvas course one time, etc., they are not to be reported as a No Show. In order to accurately report No Show students in the courses you are teaching, you are being asked to take attendance during the first ten days of the semester (i.e., from January 19 through February 1).

On Wednesday, February 2nd, you will receive one email communication from Connect that is sent to your Ramapo email address with instructions on how to access the “No Show Report” through the Outstanding Reports link. You will have to review and submit one report for each course section (CRN) you are teaching. This means that if you are teaching four courses (responsible for four CRNs), you will have four reports to complete. Please be sure to submit all of your No Show reports by no later than 5:00 pm on Monday, February 7th.

Should you have any questions, please contact me at or 201-684-7695. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.


Dear Faculty,

As a follow-up to today’s No Show communication, another option of reporting your no-show students will be to email me directly at with the subject line “No Shows.” You must supply the student’s name, R number, course information (including CRN#) (Ex: ACCT221-01-20000).  

Of course, using Connect may be much easier since your course rosters are automatically brought in from Banner and all you have to do is identify which students from the roster are No Shows.

Thank you again for your cooperation.

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