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New feature of OSSOnline

TO: Summer I and II Faculty

FROM: David Nast, Director of OSS

Dear Faculty,

OSS has exciting news regarding the next new feature of our OSSOnline system. Starting with Summer I Session, faculty members will have access to the Instructor Portal within the OSSOnline system. The Portal will allow you to easily view and manage accommodation requests for students with disabilities. By logging in, you will be able to:

– View a list of all students with requested accommodations in your courses

– Search and sort students by course

– View the Academic Accommodations Notice for students

– Complete and view the Faculty Alternative Testing Agreements for exams proctored at Laurel Testing Center and OSS

– View a list of exam requests made by your OSS students with the ability to upload the exam through a secure and encrypted platform

While we believe you will find the Instructor Portal very helpful, you do not have to use it. It is only an optional tool for faculty which should simplify the management of a variety of OSS related activities. Regardless of whether you choose to use it or not, you will still receive students’ Academic Accommodations Notice via email and the Notices will continue to contain a link for the corresponding Faculty Alternative Testing Agreement for you to complete.

We have instructional materials on the OSS home page to guide you through using the Portal. In addition, you will find a link to the login page for the Portal on the home page.

Take care.

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