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Changes to the College’s “Repeat Course Policy” (effective immediately/Spring 2021)

TO: Undergraduate Students

FROM: Dr. Susan Gaulden, Interim Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs

Dear Students,

I am writing to share some good news, which will provide you with additional opportunities to take strategic action if your academic performance was not as strong as you expected because of the pandemic or other struggles you may have experienced during your undergraduate career. Ramapo has a Repeat Course Policy in place that states, “Graduate and Undergraduate students may retake courses, and undergraduate students may repeat courses under certain circumstances.” The Procedure associated with the Policy, which has recently been reviewed and revised, will be implemented immediately (i.e., in the Spring 2021 semester). This means that if you are presently (in Spring 2021) retaking a course that you previously failed or did not achieve a required grade in (e.g., a C or higher as required by a pre-requisite), you can still submit a request for approval to apply a “Repeat Course” option to that course. In addition, if you have successfully retaken a course in Fall 2020 or earlier, you can now retroactively submit a request for approval to apply a “Repeat Course” option to that course.

While important changes to the previous Procedure are summarized below, I encourage you to review the full Policy/Procedure and the Retake + Repeat Course summary prepared by the Center for Student Success. (Note: A complete list of all current Academic Policies may be found in the 2020-2021 College Catalog.)

  • The Policy has been retitled Policy 300 E Retaking and Repeating Courses.
  • The phrases “retaking a course” and “repeating a course” are more clearly defined.
  • Neither “retaking” nor “repeating” a course will remove any entries from a student’s transcript.
  • Any student who would like to “retake” a course more than once must receive permission of the Academic Dean of the School that offers the course.
  • The number of “Repeat Course” options available to each undergraduate student has increased from two (2) to four (4).
  • The “Repeat Course” option can now be used on a course in which any letter grade was earned, whereas the previous Repeat Course Policy/Procedure permitted the option to be used only for courses that were previously failed (i.e., grade of F).
  • When a “Repeat Course” option is used, the lower grade earned in the course will appear with an R before it (e.g., RC+, RD, RF) on the transcript and the lower grade earned will be excluded from the student’s cumulative grade point average (GPA) calculation.

Not all courses are eligible for the “Repeat Course” option. For example, a student may not use a “Repeat Course” option on any course in which an academic integrity violation was determined to have occurred, as recorded in the Provost’s Office files. There are also restrictions on using “Repeat Course” options for Topics courses and Independent Study courses, which are explained in the full Policy/Procedure.

With the number of “Repeat Course” options available to each undergraduate student now doubled to four, we are hopeful this will provide Ramapo students with additional opportunities for grade forgiveness and alleviate some stress. If you have any questions or need further clarification, please contact your academic advisor, Dean, or the Registrar’s Office.

I wish you a successful and engaging semester.

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