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Earth Day 50th Anniversary Planning Committee

TO:        All Faculty

FROM:  Michael Edelstein, Ashwani Vasishth, and Harriet Shugarman

Dear Colleagues,

We invite you to join the Environmental Studies and Sustainability faculty in setting aside April 22 to celebrate another 50th anniversary of great importance – the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day. As you are surely aware, the national consensus that forged the first Earth Day is dearly needed now. And the concerns that brought about this consensus could not be more dire today. Yet, our divided society and world is dramatically less equipped today to take bold action than in 1970. With the need for discussion, consensus building and action in mind, we intend a day of teach in and other activities that is fully in keeping with the interdisciplinary discourse that Ramapo was created for. In fact, Earth Day and the ecological awakening that brought it about was no small part of the dynamic that inspired our early institution. It is time to get that rhythm back and move toward a sustainable campus, region, nation and world.

If you want to join the planning committee, please contact us at,, and Otherwise, please prepare to involve your students in this important day through your course curricula and extra-curriculum. We are counting on your participation.

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