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The goal of a Presidential Transition Team is to position the new President well to identify institutional priorities, build relationships, advance thoughtful communications, understand Ramapo’s culture, and become oriented to College operations.

The Ramapo College 2021 Presidential Transition Team has been established to work alongside the Board of Trustees, members of the Cabinet, President Mercer and President-elect Jebb, as appropriate, to ensure that the aforementioned goal is achieved.


Transition Team Charge

In support of the above goal, the Transition Team is responsible for: 
  • Collaborating to develop a draft 12-month calendar inclusive of a series of thoughtful and strategic orientations and opportunities for President-elect Jebb (and her family, as appropriate); and
  • Providing support in managing President Mercer and Dr. Ehlert-Mercer’s departure.
Transition Team Membership

The Transition Team will include:

  • Susan A. Vallario, Chair, Board of Trustees
  • Naseem Choudhury, President, Faculty Assembly
    • FA Alternate: Scott Frees
  • Joanne Ehlermann, Talent Acquisition and On-Boarding Coordinator
  • Janelle Ferraro, President, Ramapo Staff Association
    • RSA Alternate: Karen Norton
  • Patrick O’Connor, Government Relations Officer
  • LaQuan Norman: Vice President, Minority Faculty and Staff Association
    • MFSA Alternate: Purvi Parekh
  • Anjali Patel, President, Student Government Association
    • SGA Alternate: TBA
  • Peter Rice, Director of Constituent Relations
  • Brittany A. Williams-Goldstein, Chief of Staff & Board Liaison

Transition Team Updates
  • May 26: The Transition Team has analyzed the 600+ responses to the Transition Survey and has identified key themes from each respondent group.  Across the groups, overarching points of pride included: small size which fosters high quality education and meaningful relationships; student centeredness; beauty of campus; and diversity and inclusion initiatives.  Across the groups, overarching opportunities included: fostering interdisciplinarity and the liberal arts; heightening the College’s visibility, in part, via outreach to K-12 and Trenton; cultivating our alumni; and increasing focus on sustainability and diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives. The Transition Team will utilize the more detailed themes identified by the various respondent groups to broaden and inform President-elect Jebb’s orientation and on-onboarding calendar as well as the list of organizations/individuals for outreach in the coming year.
  • May 12: The Transition survey had a strong response rate  with apporiximately 600 individuals completing it.  Dr. Jebb was provided the survey responses. The Transition Team is analyzing the responses and will use its findings to further inform the opportunities presented to Dr. Jebb to achieve a smooth and informative transition.
  • April 21: Transition Team members finalized the content of three targeted surveys to receve community input on the transition. Surveys are designed for three audiences: Employees; Students and Alumni; and Community Partners/Friends of Ramapo. Surveys will be distributed on April 26 and will close on May 3 at midnight.  Survey responses are confidential and will be shared only with the Transition Team and with Dr. Jebb as appropriate.
  • April 7:  A survey of campus constituents on matters pertaining to the Transition will likely be delivered in April. Transition Team members are refining survey content for distributions to three groups:  students/alumni, employees, and affiliates. Survey results will be shared with the Team  and will be used to shape the calendar of opportunities.
  • March 24: The Transition Team hosted its first meeting in late March. The Team reviewed its charge noting it is to be the frontline primarily responsible for thoughtfully curating a calendar of events and opportunities for onboarding and supporting the transition of the President-elect, not to do all of the onboarding and briefing. In addition, it is responsible for fostering opportunities for Dr. Jebb and President Mercer to be together publicly and to provide support in managing President Mercer and Dr. Ehlert-Mercer’s departure.