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Responsible Use of Electronic Communications

Computing resources are provided to support the academic research, instructional and administrative objectives of Ramapo College. These resources are available for the use of college faculty, staff, students, and other authorized users to accomplish tasks consistent with the college’s mission. College systems offer powerful tools for communication among members of the Ramapo community and communities outside of the college. When used appropriately, these tools can enhance dialogue and communications. Unlawful or inappropriate use of these tools, however, can infringe on the rights of others, and is unacceptable in an academic institution.

Ramapo College expects all members of its community to use electronic communications in a responsible manner. The college reserves the right to limit access to its networks through college-owned or other computers, and to remove or limit access to material posted on college-owned electronic media. Recognizing that the college is creating a limited public forum, the college retains the right to limit access, and postings, to college systems.

As a means to foster intellectual pursuits, the college will make every effort to respect the privacy of all users. However, for technical reasons related to system architecture and maintenance needs, privacy cannot be guaranteed at all times and users must take this into account when composing email or surfing the Web. An expectation of privacy is further limited by the needs of the college to comply with State and Federal laws, protect the rights of students, faculty, staff, board members, and invitees, and/or to meet administrative objectives.

Ramapo College faculty and staff are provided with e-mail accounts for the purpose of conducting official college business related to instructional, academic and/or administrative activities to accomplish tasks consistent with the college’s mission. Because email is an effective way to disseminate information of importance, relevance and interest, and because it is an important tool to meet the academic and administrative needs of the college community, it shall be the college’s policy that electronic mail (email) be an official communication mechanism with faculty, staff, and students and that all faculty, staff, and students are required to maintain an “” address. This is the only email address that will be used for official communication with faculty, staff, and students regarding all academic and administrative matters. Retired tenured faculty and retired staff with at least ten years of service may be permitted to retain their e-mail accounts upon request.

The full Responsible Use of Electronic Communications Policy and Procedures are available in the People Operations and Employee Resources Department or on the web page. Individuals may not gain access to the College’s electronic resources without signed acknowledgement the policy has been received and read.

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