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Extra Compensation For Special Projects Policy

Compensation in excess of an employee’s annual base salary is permitted for special projects under specific circumstances so long as such payment is not in violation of any federal or state law or contractual provisions.

Extra Compensation for Special Projects Procedures

  1. Faculty and staff must complete a Special Payments form identifying the activity, source of funding, and payment schedule prior to the start of the assignment. Special payments will not be processed unless arrangements have been authorized in advance.
  2. The form must be signed by the Unit Head, Cognizant Vice President, Office of Budget and Fiscal Planning or Grants officer, People Operations and Employee Resources Department (POERD) and Payroll.
  3. Amount of special payment should be determined in consultation with the Director of People Operations and Employee Resources Department (POERD) or the Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs or his/her designee and should be based on existing salary guidelines for Ramapo College faculty and staff.
  4. Payment will be made at the time of completion of the assignment for one-time activities, or via a payment schedule approved in advance for ongoing activities.
  5. For externally-funded projects, grants or outside funding must cover the cost of the payments.


Exempt Employees

Non-Fixed work week (“NL,” Exempt) employees are expected to perform their regular duties and responsibilities as assigned by the College without regard to work hour limitations. There is no claim or entitlement to time off or cash compensation for hours worked beyond the normal work schedule for performance of their regular duties and responsibilities in accordance with the College’s Compensatory Time Policy.

In certain cases, however, compensation in excess of an exempt employee’s annual base salary is permitted for special projects. These activities may be performed under externally sponsored projects or other internally funded activities when those activities occur outside the normal work day and are not part of the regular duties or work load. These activities must not constitute a conflict of interest, occur at a time when the individual is expected to perform his/her assigned duties, or diminish the individual’s efficiency in performing his/her primary work obligations at the College.

Externally funded projects are defined as those for which the College administers funds under a contract, grant, or other agreement from a federal, state or local government agency, not-for-profit entity, or business. Internally funded special projects represent special services to the institution, such as exam proctoring, honoraria or stipends for workshops or presentations.

Fixed Work Week Staff (Non-Exempt Employees)

Classified, fixed work week staff are entitled to overtime compensation in accordance with contractual agreements for performance of their regular duties beyond the normal work schedule. However, in accordance with N.J.A.C. 4A:3-5.6 (e) 1, if a classified employee works on a part-time, occasional, or sporadic basis, and solely at the employee’s option, in a different capacity from which the employee is regularly employed, the hours employed in the different capacity are excluded from the calculation for overtime compensation and such hours may be paid at special project rates. Work beyond the normal work schedule that is in the same capacity as the employee’s regular job must be compensated at the overtime rate.

This policy does not supersede or replace any contractual agreements with regard to extra compensation.

October 31, 2008

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