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  • OSS Graduate Assistant Melanie Davidson will be facilitating alternative test coordination instead of Ramona.
  • Test Proctoring Requests will be monitored on a more limited schedule. 
  • For the smoothest experience, reservations MUST be submitted in a timely manner (5 business days or more in advance). 
  • For any reservations not previously scheduled by two business days before:
    • The student is required to make arrangements directly with his/her/their OSS counselor by sending an e-mail with all relevant details and a Cc:  to the professor as well as to
    • In those instances, there is the possibility that the request cannot be honored and the student will need to take the test in class without accommodation.

Any time for which Laurel is either necessary or appropriate, you will be using the left button —

  • For most testers, to reserve Laurel Hall Testing Center if available:
    • M thru F — 8:30am-4:30 or 6pm, as posted
    • If the start time on the drop-down menu is within 30 minutes of your needed start time, write your actual requested start time in the “Other Pertinent Information” box toward the bottom of the form.
    • Final Exam Week — 8am-6pm, with advanced notice
    • Report to Laurel Hall, Room 002, with your Ramapo ID and pen/pencil/eraser

Any time for which C-Wing is either necessary or appropriate, you will be using the right button —

  • For assistive technology, scribes, students approved for C-Wing, Tuesday or Thursday 8am start times, any day/time that Laurel Hall Testing Center is not an option:  
    • M thru F — 7:45am-4:15pm, as posted
    • Later on certain days may be possible, with enough advanced notice
    • Final Exam Week — 7:30am-5:45pm, with advanced notice
    • Report to C-205, with your pen/pencil/eraser

Test Request form
for most testers:

Laurel Test Proctoring Request Form

Test Request form for assistive
technology, scribes, etc.:

C-Wing Test Proctoring Request Form

NOTE:  When it comes time for arranging final exams, both locations will be staffed 7:45am-6pm, with advanced notice.

If you’re still unsure which form to use, please verify with your OSS counselor.

Kathy and Melanie