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Study Skills and Time Management

Finding and staying with study habits that work best for you as a learner are an essential part of college success.

The Center provides one-on-one consulting, valuable resources and hands-on workshops for students who want to enrich their learning experiences, revise their study techniques, and achieve their academic potential.  Investigate the links below to refresh your memory regarding familiar study and time management habits, or find new methods that will enhance and improve the skills you already have.

Academic Skills Center at Dartmouth College
Check out this easily accessible website equipped with handouts to help you learn powerful study skills and reading strategies, impressive behaviors for note-taking, listening and class participation, fresh ideas for improving concentration, tips for studying in math, the sciences, and foreign language, as well as pointers on time-management, preparation and studying for exams.

VIDEOS:  Learning Strategies for College Reading, Studying, Organizing, Note-taking and Listening
Watch these videos to enhance your academic performance.

Study Guides and Strategies
This is a quick and easy website with pages of strategies, methods and information on study skills covering “250 topics and 100 exercises in 37 languages.”

Study and Success Strategies from the Berkeley Student Learning Center at the University of California, Berkeley
Along with multiple test taking, note taking, and study skills suggestions, this website has a “Seven Day Procrastination Elimination” plan that helps students avoid the negative effects that arise as a result of procrastination.