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Catholic Campus Ministry

Ramapo Newman Catholic

Catholic students at Ramapo College can enjoy many different opportunities offered to them by Newman Catholic. Rooted in Catholic tradition and inspired by the Holy Spirit, Newman Catholic exists to cater to the students, faculty, and staff at Ramapo College, and seeks to build and foster a loving and supportive community, educate and advocate for social justice, develop and empower faith-filled leaders, and inspire and cultivate personal, moral, and spiritual growth. Newman Catholic is a club on campus, but also works in conjunction with the Department of Campus Ministry for the Archdiocese of Newark.


Weekly Events

Sunday Mass
: 8:00 p.m. Alumni Lounges

FOCUS Bible Studies: there are several Bible studies for Men and Women throughout the week. Contact a FOCUS Missionary for more information.


Catholic Campus Ministry Staff

Catie Kunkel
Campus Minister

FOCUS Missionary Team

Denzel Campbell – Team Director (

Paul Lowe (

Sophia Sage (

Ellen Vallonga (


Newman Catholic E-board:

President: Colette Barca (

Vice President: Katelin Silva (

Treasurer: Christopher Hanani (

Secretary: Alec Mabie (


Catholic Student Group: Newman Catholic

About Newman Catholic at Ramapo

Cardinal Newman lived in the 19th Century. Born and raised as an Anglican Christian, he converted to the Roman Catholic Church in 1845. He would eventually rise through the clerical orders of the Church, becoming a Cardinal and emerged as a brilliant and renowned Theologian – with one of his great passions focused on the importance of education. Newman saw Universities and the Church on a similar path: in search of truth.

It was this ideal that captured many peoples’ attention – both in and outside of the Church. Not long after his death, the first “Newman Center” was said to have formed at the University of Pennsylvania. Ever since, many secular colleges and universities around the world, Newman centers have been founded to meet the spiritual needs of the Catholic people as well as to be a voice in the dialogue between the Church and the secular world on these campuses.

FOCUS – Fellowship of Catholic University Students

FOCUS, an acronym standing for the Fellowship of Catholic University Students, is a national outreach that meets college students where they are and invites them into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ and the Catholic Faith.

Rooted in Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition, FOCUS was born out of a passion and zeal to share how a relationship with Jesus Christ and the Catholic faith can transform the world. Beginning with our nations future leaders, FOCUS sends teams of young, trained missionaries to the college campus in order to reach students with the gospel. In partnership with Newman Catholic, FOCUS missionaries host large group outreach events, weekly Bible studies, and offer one-on-one mentoring with student leaders.

Since the Fall of 2009, FOCUS added our campus as one of the over 100 campuses around the United States they serve. As of Fall 2018, FOCUS missionaries serve on over 150 campuses in both the United States and in Europe.

The FOCUS missionaries are typically recent college graduates who offer their lives and service to their peers. Not only do they minister full-time to students they are sent to, they also are responsible to fund-raise their entire salaries in order to pay for all their expenses – from rent, to gas/car expenses, etc.

Our students are invited to learn more about the opportunities that our FOCUS missionaries offer on a daily basis by checking our weekly bulletin, contacting the Campus Minister or contacting one of the missionaries directly.


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