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Accounting  ●  Quantitative Methods  ●  Business Writing
Statistics  ●  Finance

Many prospective MBA students are often concerned that they do not have the basic business skills needed to excel in an intensive Master’s program, especially if their undergrad degree is not in business. The Ramapo cohort model is specially designed for students from all backgrounds and industries with pre-MBA prep modules to ensure every student is up to speed when classes begin in September.

These flexible, pre-program, non-credit-bearing course modules are designed to prepare students of various backgrounds for the foundational MBA courses. Pre-MBA modules are administered in August prior to program enrollment. The modules are online with on-campus support and must be completed successfully in the August prior to enrollment in the program.

Students who have a business undergraduate degree can test out of each of the modules or use the modules to refresh skills in areas that haven’t been used in some time.