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About Liberal Studies

Are you interested in a number of subjects or fields? Would you like to pursue a number of your interests by designing your own major?

The Liberal Studies contract major examines the diverse themes of human inquiry and critical expression in the humanities, in world languages, and in social studies. It is an individualized, personalized major that is tailored to your unique needs. Students work directly with a faculty advisor to identify courses across the curriculum that can be woven together to create a degree path. Students who have graduated from this program have created specializations in History of Ideas, Italian Studies, Peace Studies, Philosophy and Religious studies to name just a few.


Classes you can take:

General Education in History, General Education in Mathematics, General Education in Science with Experiential Component, General Education in Intercultural North America Category, General Education in International Issues, General Education in Social Science

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Your liberal studies major can prepare you for a variety of career fields depending on your chosen area of specialization. Other Ramapo graduates have pursued careers in: business, arts, public relations, journalism, education, social or physical sciences, medicine, or law.

If you’re interested in teaching at the elementary or secondary level and enter the Teacher Certification program, you will do an independent study in curricular and teacher education development.

Liberal Arts as you tailor the major to your interests. Through your selected studies, you will reflect upon and pose original analysis of problems within the Liberal Arts in class discussions, written work, exams, group projects, portfolios, internships, or study abroad. Ramapo students have gained internship experience with Margaret Sanger Papers Project, Joyce Kilmer Foundation, Mahwah Museum, The Feminist Press, and the Learning & Enrichment Center.

You get to select your own learning track based on your interests and specified area of academic study. No matter which track you choose, this major spans the great themes of human inquiry and critical expression in the humanities, in world languages, and in social studies.