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An ongoing forum where we talk to students about their work, their careers, their studies, and other topics related to the Literature Major at Ramapo College of NJ.

This podcast is made possible by a generous grant from the  Teaching, Learning, and Technology Roundtable (TLTR).

Many thanks to Ashley Intveld, student aide to Prof. Shannon, Fall 2012-Fall 2013. Without Ashley, this podcast would not exist.


Our first Rama-podcasts are interviews with tow Literature Majors (Caitlin Vogel, and Robin Netanel) who presented their work at The Northeast Regional Undergraduate Research Conference 26–27 October at Host Campus: Eastern Connecticut State University. LITR Major  Jacqueline Thomas also presented at the conference, but could not attend the recording session.

Rama-podcast 1: “Death of the Author”:

Barthes’ “Death of the Author” suggests that readers disregard the intent of the author and focus on the text itself.  Dr. Shannon, Caitlin Vogel, and Robin Netanel discuss this tactic and the importance of personal text interpretation.

Download Rama-podcast 1: “Death of the Author”

Rama-podcast 2: “Audience”:

Dr. Shannon, Caitlin, and Robin talk about the challenge of discussing works that are not widely known and acknowledging the demographics of an audience.

Download Rama-podcast 2: “Audience”

Rama-podcast 3: “Condensing and Revising Writing”:

Dr. Shannon, Robin, and Caitlin discuss the challenge of condensing and expanding a large concept into a page limitation for a paper.

Download Rama-podcast 3: “Condensing and Revising Writing”

Rama-podcast 4: “2014 Sigma Tau Delta Conference”:

Students and alumni, Francesca Baratta, Sarah Galo, and Audrey Zabohonski, speak about their experience and contributions to the 2014 Sigma Tau Delta conference in Savannah, Georgia.

Download Rama-podcast 4: “2014 Sigma Tau Delta Conference”

Rama-podcast 5: “Third Student Reading”:

Part one: Ben Reinhardt

Download Rama-podcast 5 (part 1)

Part two: Monika Lasocha

Download Rama-podcast 5 (part 2)

Part three: Marina Bisha

Download Rama-podcast 5 (part 3)

Part four: Mary DiPasquale

Download Rama-podcast 5 (part 4)

Rama-podcast 6: “2014 Literature Luncheon”:

Discussion of the literature major, Sigma Tau Delta trip, and guest speaker, alumni Emily Kozak.  Congratulations to everyone inducted into Sigma Tau Delta!

Part 1 (Introduction)

Download Rama-podcast 6 (Part 1)

Part 2 (Emily Kozak)

Download Rama-podcast 6 (Part 2)

Music intro and outro composed by Sam Gross and Corbin Hirschhorn.

Rama-Podcast 7:

Download Rama-podcast 7