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Spring 2014 News

10 PM, Tuesday, April 1: Linden Coffee House

Poetry and Prose Reading

Come listen to fellow writers at the upcoming reading at the Linden Coffee House. Feel free to bring any of your own prose or poetry that you would like to read.

Spring 2013 News

Annual Literature Luncheon! Wednesday, April 24, 2013, 11:30-1:00. SC138!

Sigma Tau Delta, the Literary Honor Society, and The Literature Faculty invite all Literature majors and minors and Creative Writing Minors to the annual Literature Luncheon. Parents are invited as well. Have lunch with faculty, family, and fellow Literature students in a relaxed setting. Any questions, contact Professor Patricia Ard,

Spring 2012 News

Attention! Message from the Literature Club:

Hello LITR majors, minors, and Creative Writing minors & concentration folks–Dr. Shannon here…Below is a message from Corbin Hirschhorn, a LITR major who is trying to get the Literature club off the ground again. Please consider contacting Corbin and getting involved. We need you, people–lets make the hallways buzz with literary chatter, ok? Corbin and I have some ideas about how we can make this club really work for you all…ok…enough from me….here’s the scoop from Corbin:

On April 30th, the Literature Club will be sponsoring a student poetry reading at the Linden Coffee House. This is a great opportunity for students to showcase their work. If you are interested, contact Corbin Hirschhorn at and bring your work to a Lit Club meeting before the event. Literature Club is writing workshop where students have a chance to meet other writers on campus and improve their independent projects. All forms of writing are accepted, including fiction, poetry, nonfiction, lyrics, screenplays, etc.

Meetings are currently scheduled for Tuesdays at 9:30pm in A-108/109. Even if you don’t want to read at the Linden Coffee House, come to a meeting anyway. You don’t have to bring work to attend meetings.


Corbin Hirschhorn at


Six Ramapo Literature Majors will be presenting their work at the annual Sigma tau Delta (English Honor Society) Conference in Oregon this in March (

Having six students have their work accepted at this national conference speaks to just how many high achieving students we have in the program. Many thanks to the Ramapo College Foundation, HGS, and the Platinum Program for funding travel and accommodations.

Students interested in joining the Honor Society should contact Prof. Lisa Williams (

The students attending are:

  1. Katie Attinello Submission Title: Seeing (creative writing: Short Fiction)
  2. Francesca Baratta Submission Title: “Use of Exaggeration and Epic to Negatively Portray the Haitian People in Alejo Carpentier’s The Kingdom of This World”
  3. Sarah Galo Submission Title: “Configuration of the Black Female as an Autonomous Other in June Jordan’s ‘The Difficult Miracle of Black Poetry in America: Something Like A Sonnet for Phillis Wheatley,’ and ‘Poem About My Rights.’”
  4. Danielle Reed Submission Title: The Truth in Surviving (creative writing: Poetry)
  5. Jacqueline Thomas Submission Title: “Separation and the Sea in Matthew Arnold’s ‘Dover Beach’ and Robert Duncan’s ‘Passage over Water’”
  6. Name: Caitlin Vogel Submission Title: “Walk Whitman: Divinity, Egalitarianism” Also, Literature alumnus Stephanie Mauro is also presenting a paper at the conference!