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Click Here for Requirements of the Creative Writing Minor


Many Literature Courses Fulfill General Education Requirements. Ask your advisor or check the catalog: Schedule of Classes.

(Note: the information on this page may be incomplete and is intended only as a general guide.)

Please see Schedule of ClassesWeb for Students, or your Literature Adviser for more current information.)

AS OF FALL 2010, THE LITERATURE MAJOR HAS RENUMBERED ITS COURSES. We apologize for the confusion this change may cause.  However, the Literature faculty are hopeful that our new numbering system will be more transparent and will allow students to see the relationship between courses.

Please consult the following link to understand the new system: NEW COURSE NUMBERS (DOC)

An American literature requirement has been added to the major. Students beginning the major in the fall of 2011 and after must complete an American literature requirement.

Click here for the requirements of the other programs offered by the Literature Program at Ramapo College.