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Literature offers two options regarding Creative Writing:

  1. Students may major in Literature with a concentration in Creative writing.
  2. Students majoring in something other than Literature may choose to Minor in Creative writing.

(Students majoring in Literature are not eligible for the Creative Writing Minor, but are encouraged to consider completing the Creative Writing Concentration.)

Creative Writing Concentration in Literature

The Literature Program is pleased to offer a Creative Writing Concentration in the Literature major. The Creative Writing Concentration is focused on the study and production of creative writing. The concentration emphasizes the writing of poetry, short stories and the personal essay. Faculty offering courses in the concentration include Professors Hoch, Scheckner and Williams and may also include writers from the metropolitan New York area. The concentration takes advantage of the Readings at Ramapo Series, our visiting authors events by inviting writers to visit classes where their books are being studied. The Creative Writing concentration aims to foster a culture for writers here at Ramapo and to encourage creativity, analysis, rigor and a good time. Students may determine to obtain a concentration in writing for a variety of reasons. The concentration can be of assistance in applying for jobs which require one to write, or can merely give students the confidence, ability and pleasure of learning to write fiction and non-fiction on an advanced level. Students majoring in Literature with a Creative Writing concentration must fulfill the Literature Major requirements. (See the Advising page for more information). Those completing the Creative Writing Concentration will complete the FOLLOWING REQUIREMENTS:

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With careful planning, students can complete the Literature Major and the Creative Writing Concentration with 12 OR 13 courses. Any one of the creative writing courses can fulfill a Literature Major’s “Theory and Process of Language” requirement. All literature Majors must take 2 Literature electives. Taking two creative writing courses for these electives facilitates faster completion of the major and concentration. Finally, the Creative Writing Capstone would be a student’s 13th course.

Please consult your Literature Advisor. If you have questions, contact Prof. James Hoch ( or the convener, Dr. Vassiliki Flenga (


Many Literature Courses Fulfill General Education Requirements. Ask your advisor or check the catalog: Schedule of Classes.

(Note: the information on this page may be incomplete and is intended only as a general guide.)

Please see Schedule of ClassesWeb for Students, or your Literature Adviser for more current information.)

AS OF FALL 2010, THE LITERATURE MAJOR HAS RENUMBERED ITS COURSES. We apologize for the confusion this change may cause.  However, the Literature faculty are hopeful that our new numbering system will be more transparent and will allow students to see the relationship between courses.

Please consult the following link to understand the new system: NEW COURSE NUMBERS (DOC)

An American literature requirement has been added to the major. Students beginning the major in the fall of 2011 and after must complete an American literature requirement.

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