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When will changes occur in Potter Library?

In June 2018, 75% of the book collection, 70% of the Archives, and all of the periodicals will be moved off-site. When Fall 2018 classes begin, the remainder of the book and Archives collections, plus the CDs and DVDs, will continue to be available in Potter Library. After fall Final Exams, those remaining materials will be moved to the temporary library location, Linden Hall. For more information on the timeline, please see our Project Timeline page.

Where will the library and books go while the construction is happening?

Beginning in January 2019, the library and approximately 25% of the collection will be housed in Linden Hall while construction takes place. The Interlibrary Loan system will be expanded to provide material from other colleges and universities. Linden Hall will have many places for students to study, group study rooms for collaborative projects, and a classroom for library instruction sessions. All electronic resources, such as databases and e-books, will remain accessible for the campus community. For more information, please see our Temporary Library Space page.

When will the new building be completed?

The projected completion date is Summer of 2021, and the building will open in Fall 2021. For more information, please see our Project Timeline page.

Why will the library be separated from the A Wing?

The new Learning Commons will have its own visible, welcoming entrance, which will give it a defined ‘front door,’ something the existing library lacks. This will allow the Learning Commons to be more recognizable, open, and inviting. The new café and outdoor seating area near the main entrance will create additional study space, and will become a hub where students, faculty, and staff will meet and collaborate.

Can faculty still make recommendations for books and other materials to purchase during renovations?

We welcome faculty to continue to make purchase recommendations during renovations. The librarians have budgeted shelving within the temporary library space in Linden Hall for new acquisitions over the course of the renovation process. Please see the library website for additional information on ordering library materials: