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All Together Different is an annual retreat weekend that takes place during the early spring semester in a residential camp setting. ATD is designed to critically examine various issues and “isms” that relate to living in a multicultural and diverse community. This is an excellent opportunity to explore the intersection of diversity and leadership, build skills around communication and inclusiveness, and connect with student leaders from different organizations across campus. Upon returning from the retreat, students are galvanized by the enhanced connections made during the weekend and are able to continue in their work as student leaders with a supportive community behind them.

Retreat Goals:

  1. Identify and explore your own cultural values, while learning about other participants’ sociocultural backgrounds.
  2. Examine the impact of oppression on different sociocultural groups.
  3. Identify your personal responses to cultural diversity.
  4. Develop a stronger understanding of multiculturalism.
  5. Develop or enhance your skills and identify resources for incorporating a multicultural perspective into your own lives and into our society.