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Online Training:
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NOTE: On June 25, 2018, this service may be unavailable during a scheduled upgrade. will be called LinkedIn Learning as of June 25. Your learner history and data will be migrated, so you can pick up right where you left off, but the interface will change. You will have access to the same content. Learn more information.

Online Training is available only to faculty and staff through, which allows you to login and select entire courses, or individual tutorials of your choice, allowing you to learn at your own computer, at your own pace and convenience. is NOT available to students.

  • Learn with video-based training at your own time and pace, available 24/7
  • Online convenience; stop, rewind, replay
  • Exercise files included so you can follow along and practice
  • Choose from over 6,000 courses on a variety of software and products (e.g. Adobe, Microsoft, Moodle, Apple, Google, business, education and many more)
  • Develop new software skills
  • Visit the web site to view the library of available courses
  • To obtain a user name and password to please request access below (note: we have limited number of licenses, so please request at the time when you want to use it)

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Moodle is our Course Management System, instructors can augment face-to-face courses (known as blended learning), or conduct fully online courses. Explore the following tutorials, online courses and demo course to learn more.

Moodle Basics Tutorials – These tutorials, created by the Instructional Design Center, cover the basic, most commonly used features of Moodle.

Learn Moodle 3.1: The Basics – available on (request login access through the Instructional Design Center)

Moodle Features Demo Course (login: visitor, password: visitor). Suggested for student orientation to Moodle.

Qualtrics Surveys

Qualtrics University — Online Training for Qualtrics Surveys

Presented by Qualtrics
Online, available 24/7
Follow link to training below

Master online surveys using Qualtrics University online training available 24/7 to fit your schedule.  Contact Trish Williams in the Instructional Design Center for information on how to set up your Qualtrics account at Ramapo for you or your students.

Webinar Trainings:

Webinars are approximately 1 hour long each. Register with your name, email, and College name to access webinars. Webinars can be watched on-demand and are available 24/7.

  • Quick Start with Qualtrics – Jump in and learn how simple it is to start with Qualtrics. We’ll guide you through the basics of creating and distributing surveys. We’ll go over creating, customizing, and distributing surveys. Recommended for all first-time users of Qualtrics!
  • Advanced Survey Building – Up your Qualtrics game. Learn how to use advanced tools to enhance your surveys. We’ll teach about survey logic options, randomization, embedded data, piped text, and other great features.
  • Reporting – Now that you’ve collected great data, we’ll teach you what to do with it. Come learn about our responses and results tools and the customization and sharing options available!

Watch On-Demand Webinars     

Survey Basics

As you begin your survey building experience there are some things you may want to know. The articles below will teach you about some best practices for survey design.

Introduction to Survey Research
Learn the benefits of online surveys as well as how to be a quality researcher according to Scott Smith Ph.D. in Marketing and Quantitative Methods.

Survey Building Overview
Learn the  steps to building a survey that will help you get optimal research results.

Question Sequence, Flow and Style
Learn how to organize your survey questions in an optimal manner for research results.

Choosing a Question Type
Determine what types of questions are best suited for the data you want to gather.

Writing Effective Questions
Discover the characteristics of an effective survey question.


Getting Started with Turnitin

Trainers: Turnitin
Online: Follow link to training below

Turnitin is a program to check the originality of student papers using “OriginalityChecker.” Ideally, Turnitin is used in the context of partnering with students to avoid “cut and paste” plagiarism. Additionally, there are two new components — “PeerMark” and “GradeMark.” PeerMark allows the instructor to easily distribute papers to other students for peer review. GradeMark allows the instructor to set up rubrics and grade paperlessly using drag and drop comments within GradeMark. This service is available to all instructors at Ramapo College and, if you choose, your students as well.

NOTE: If instructors have reverted to the classic Turnitin interface, they will be automatically upgraded to the Feedback Studio interface on August 1, 2017.

Implementing Turnitin in at Ramapo:

  • For instructors NOT using Moodle – Information on how to set up your Turnitin account can be found on the My Ramapo/Luminis “Tech Connect” Tab
  • For instructors using Moodle – Turnitin can be integrated into Moodle by choosing the Turnitin assignment type. Moodle users do not need to create a separate Turnitin account.

Turnitin Instructor Training Resources:

  • Instructor Guides contain videos, how-to guides, and quick tips to help educators get up and running with the new Feedback Studio interface in minutes.

Instructor Training

Turnitin Student Training includes:

Quick-start Videos Tutorial – Getting Started with Turnitin

Quick start Guides, walk you through an easy step-by-step process to introduce you to the service and get you up and running fast

User Manuals, provide in-depth, thorough explanations of Turnitin’s features and products

Student Training

Turnitin Academy

Trainers: Turnitin

Turnitin Academy Live is an online professional development course, available live and on-demand, geared toward taking instructors beyond plagiarism prevention and to a powerful pedagogy for ‘writing to learn.’ Each one-hour class explores practical methods for incorporating the use of Turnitin to encourage original writing, deliver more meaningful feedback, engage students, and streamline class activities.

View Training Schedule and Register

NOTE: Training is available to instructors

Adobe Connect

Adobe Connect Essential Training on (request login access through the Intructional Design Center)

Adobe Connect Tutorials – Adobe TV

Also see Instructional Design Center recorded workshop Using Adobe Connect.

TechSmith Relay

Record lectures, presentations, or anything from your computer screen on video using TechSmith Relay.

The Recorder Overview

How Do I Capture System Sound in My TechSmith Relay Recordings?

Record When Not Online

Also see Instructional Design Center recorded workshop Capture and Share Lectures with Relay.