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Disciplinary Action for Ethics Violations

In addition to disciplinary action for violations of applicable statutes, regulations or College policies, employees who violate the State Uniform Ethics Code are also subject to disciplinary action. Any time there is a violation of the Uniform Ethics Code, and discipline is to be considered, approval must first be obtained from the New Jersey State Ethics Commission. Unionized employees who are the subject of an ethics investigation have the right, upon their request, to union representation at any investigatory interview or meeting.

Any violation of the Uniform Ethics Code should be referred to the Department of Human Resources and the Ethics Liaison Officer who will investigate the allegations. If an ethics violation is substantiated, the College will initiate disciplinary action and seek concurrence of the proposed sanction by the New Jersey State Ethics Commission. Upon receiving approval from the New Jersey State Ethics Commission, the College will take formal disciplinary action against the employee. Appropriate action can vary from official reprimand to removal, and may also include the imposition of fines.

For further information on the Uniform Ethics Code and State ethics requirements, please visit