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Volunteer Policy

  1. A volunteer is a person rendering services, who is not employed by the College and, hence, receives no compensation or benefit coverage for the services volunteered.
  2. The volunteer must meet whatever qualifications are necessary to perform the task.
  3. The volunteer must agree to abide by all State and Federal laws as well as all College policies, including Responsible Use of Electronic Communications Policy, Drug-Free Workplace Policy, Workplace Violence Policy, and Policy Prohibiting Discrimination, Harassment, or Hostile Work Environments in the Workplace
  4. Volunteers under age eighteen are not allowed by law to engage in certain types of employment. Consult the Department of Human Resources for any applicable Child Labor Law restrictions.
  5. If keys are to be given to the volunteer, they must be signed for by the Unit Head and the individual. The Unit Head is responsible for the return of keys.
  6. The volunteer must carry an I.D. card while on campus. If a volunteer’s service is fifteen (15) hours per week or more, and for longer than six (6) months, a regular Staff Photo I.D. is required. If service is less than fifteen (15) hours per week a temporary I.D. card will be issued.
  7. Those volunteers who work over fifteen (15) hours per week shall be entitled to the use College facilities subject to the normal rules of operation.
  8. Parking decals shall be issued for parking privileges in the main parking lot unless the volunteer has a disability. Persons with disabilities may use handicapped parking if they possess temporary or permanent decals/placards issued by the State or a municipality.

For the most part, this procedure applies to work that has a continuous, ongoing nature. It may not be needed for volunteers performing tasks on an occasional basis. If there is any question as to the applicability of the procedure, call the Department of Human Resources for clarification.

    1. The Unit Head will advise the Department of Human Resources, on the Volunteer form, of his/her intent to utilize the services of a volunteer(s).If the volunteer is under age eighteen (18):
      1. The consent of the volunteer’s parents must be obtained in writing on Volunteer form.
      2. Utilization of the volunteer must conform to all. Child Labor Laws regarding hours and length of employment, operation of machinery and equipment, and other types of acceptable employment. Consult the Department of Human Resources for details.
    2. Prior to the beginning of the volunteer’s term of service:
      1. The volunteer will report to the Department of Human Resources to complete an application form. The Department of Human Resources will check references and prior employment and verify educational background and any necessary licenses or certificates of the volunteer to determine his/her suitability for service at the College.
      2. The volunteer will be given an informational briefing by Human Resources, which will cover such topics as identification card, parking arrangements, use of facilities, etc.
      3. After verifying background data, the Department of Human Resources will sign the Volunteer form. A signed copy of the Volunteer form and the application form will be sent to the Unit Head. The volunteer’s term of service may begin when the approved forms have been received by the Unit Head..
      4. The Department of Human Resources will provide the volunteer with authorization for parking.
    3. Upon termination of the volunteer’s term of service:
      1. The Unit Head will notify the Department of Human Resources of the date of termination.
      2. The Unit Head will retrieve any keys or other equipment issued.
      3. The Department of Human Resources will notify Public Safety (if applicable) regarding the termination of the volunteer’s term of service.

Volunteer Form (2021) (PDF)

June 30, 2008

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