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Training Policy

Staff Training Request Form (DOC)

Ramapo College of New Jersey recognizes that education/training and development programs improve individual and organizational performance and help the College achieve its overall institutional goals. Training programs not only help employees increase their effectiveness by building and refining job skills, but also greatly enhance the level of service provided by the College. The development of our employees is an important priority and can be accomplished in a variety of ways. One way is to provide useful feedback during the performance appraisal process. Another is to allow staff to avail themselves of training opportunities which are available on campus or through external sources.

The workshops and seminars offered by the Department of Human Resources provide a variety of opportunities for development of staff. In addition, information on off-campus offerings, i.e., seminars, workshops, and educational programs, come to the Department of Human Resources on a daily basis. When we become aware of a training program that might be useful in a particular area or for a particular individual, we notify the appropriate unit head or supervisor. In other instances, employees or supervisors become aware of training needs and/or opportunities and contact us to discuss training plans.

Training costs are sometimes absorbed by individual units if there are adequate funds. The Department of Human Resources also has a limited training budget which is used to pay for tuition reimbursement for graduate course work and for group training. It is also used for individual training programs on a limited basis.

It is suggested that you contact the Department of Human Resources before making a decision regarding off-campus training activities to ensure we make maximum use of available funding and provide the most effective developmental opportunity for staff.

When a decision is made to provide training for staff, such as seminars, workshops, or tuition reimbursement (not conferences which do not require prior approval from Human Resources), the Staff Training Request Form (DOC) must be completed and forwarded to the Department of Human Resources for approval. This is necessary before Accounts Payable will process payment of the bill, regardless of whether the training costs are being absorbed by the Department of Human Resources or the individual unit.

A variety of training opportunities in technology are available for faculty and staff through the Instructional Design Center. The mission of the Instructional Design Center is to guide and support faculty and staff to integrate relevant technology into teaching and learning and professional responsibilities.

Resources for faculty development are on the Provost website –

August 20, 2009

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