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Manager/Professional Staff Teaching

Managers and Staff

Who Do Not Teach As Part of Their Primary Responsibility

  • Managers and staff may teach courses in areas in which they are academically qualified (as defined in Minimum Degree Requirements for Adjuncts, Unclassified Staff and Managers Who Teach Policy) to teach as adjunct faculty.
  • Managers and staff may teach one (1) course per semester/term or up to 4 credits.
  • Teaching must be approved in advance by the Vice President, Supervisor, Dean, Provost and the Assistant Vice President of Human Resources using Form 13B RCNJ – Professional Staff Teaching Assignment, each semester/term assigned to teach.
  • Teaching will be scheduled outside working hours; if circumstances arise where there is no other alternative, the teaching assignment will only be approved on a limited basis with an approved copy of the Flexible Work Arrangement. See also Teaching Overload Policy.