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This form is used for requesting new or enhancements to existing data reports from Human Resources. The Data Report Request form must be completed each time data is requested.  All internal data requests must be submitted to Human Resources using the request form.

Requests should be submitted at least two weeks prior to the date the data is required. Reports will normally be created and delivered within a maximum of 5 working days from receipt of the completed request.

Upon receipt of the Data request, Human Resources will acknowledge receipt of the Data request. Human Resources will review the purpose of the request and who will have access to the data and decide if the requester may be granted access to the requested data. Your Supervisor will be copied on the email acknowledgement.  Your supervisor will be requested to review and approve your report request before the report in generated.

Human Resources Data Request Form

Requestor Information

Data Report General Information

Report Layout and Description

If possible please provide a printed copy of the layout of requested report.
 You may provide:

  • A copy of a legacy report with annotations to show changes
  • An Excel spreadsheet made to look like the requested report
  • A hand-drawn report

Data Security Agreement

Human Resources after review and approval of the stated purpose of the data request will only provide data to currently employed Ramapo College faculty, staff and the Officers of the Ramapo College Retiree Association. 

Requesters must agree to the following, before the data request is granted:

  • I understand that this data is confidential and may not be shared or used in any manner other than the purpose described in this data request.  I agree not to share any data information with any other parties, internal or external.
  • I will share any updated information with Human Resources (i.e. returned mailings with updated addresses etc.) 
  • All data provided is for the stated purpose of this specific request and will not be used at a later date; a new request will be submitted.  Following transmittal, I and/or the faculty/staff member (s) will delete the data from all devices (computers, flash drives etc.) on which it resides and will not store it on any device.  I and/or the faculty/staff member(s) will also shred paper copies of the data immediately.
  • I will ensure that the data is transmitted in a secure manner

    Secure manner includes:

    • When sending out an email blast, make sure that all addresses are listed in the BCC line
    • Files should be uploaded to a secure ftp, server or drop box
    • Data shall be transmitted externally only to entities which have been pre-approved by the College
  • If I have any questions regarding appropriate use, sharing and protection of data, I will contact the Human Resources Department at 201-684-7230.

I agree to Data Security Agreement and Terms