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*Please note: Calendars are subject to change

Fall/Winter 2017/2018 Schedule           

Fall Holidays

The purpose of this message is to remind employees of scheduled College closings in order for you to budget accrued/vacation time for these closings or obtain opportunities to build accrued time balances, if necessary.


President Mercer is pleased to announce that he is authorizing an early dismissal the day before Thanksgiving.

On Wednesday, November 22, 2017 employees may depart at 1:00 p.m.  All services must be maintained until the 1:00 p.m. closing and employees will not take a lunch hour.  This means employees are not authorized to skip breaks and leave campus prior to 1:00 p.m.  All offices are expected to remain open until 1 p.m. and all employees will work until that time.  Employees must charge available leave balances for any deviation from this schedule.  Those staff required to maintain essential campus services, including maintenance and security services, should be guided by instructions from their unit heads.

Thursday, November 23, 2017 is a State Holiday.

Friday, November 24th, the College will be operating with extremely limited services, most offices will be closed, and classes will not be in session.  Employees will need to charge time off, take a voluntary furlough day, or receive approval in writing from their supervisor no later than Wednesday, November 22th to work on Friday, November 24th.

Winter Break

Monday, December 25, 2017 is a State Holiday.

During the period Monday, December 25, 2017 through Monday, January 1, 2018 most offices will be closed and the College will be operating with extremely limited services. Employees must use available leave balances, take voluntary furlough days, or receive approval in writing from their supervisor no later than Wednesday, December 20th, to work on December 26, 27, 28, and 29.

Monday, January 1, 2018 is a State Holiday.

Opportunities to Build Accrued Time Balances

Classes will be in session on Columbus Day – October 9, 2017, Election Day – November 7, 2017, and Veteran’s Day – November 10, 2017.  Staff (with the exception of public safety) have the option of working on these days and accumulating compensatory time at the appropriate level based on their employee classification, with the prior approval of their supervisor.  Any unit unable to accommodate staff working these holidays based on business needs should consult with Jill Brown, Associate Director of Human Resources.