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Ernst Aronsohn Memorial Scholarship


Ernst Aronsohn was born in 1917 in the town of Posen, in what is now Poland. At the onset of World War ll he was in school in Italy, and because of his Jewish faith could not return home to his family, who later perished under the Nazis.   Instead Mr. Aronsohn went to Denmark to work on a farm with other young Jews displaced by the War. It was here he met his wife, Erna Meier.  When the Nazis invaded Denmark, the Aronsohns were ferried to Sweden by Danish fishermen.  At the end of the war they went to Israel.  It was in Israel that Mr. Aronsohn was recruited by the United States to return to Germany to help find Nazi war criminals.

In 1958 the Aronsohns moved to the United States with other Holocaust survivors and settled in Queens, New York.  Mr. Aronsohn had a successful career in finance.  After his wife’s death in 1989 Mr. Aronsohn was visiting a friend in Florida.  The friend introduced him to Jane Yanowitz, and they remained constant companions for 25 years.  At Mr. Aronsohn’s death in 2015, the Yanowitz family created this scholarship to honor his memory.


  • Students minoring in Human Rights and Genocide Studies
  • G.P.A. of 3.0
  • Selected by the Dean of the School of Humanities and Global Studies based on the recommendation of the convening group for Human Rights and Genocide Studies.

2019 Recipient – Alejandra Sanchez (International Studies)





Past Recipients

2018 – Zurine Cadena Jimenez (International Studies)
2017 – Alec Weissman (Literature)
2016 – Megan Denecour (International Studies)

Barbara Barnett Memorial Scholarship

The Barbara Barnett Memorial Scholarship was established by Dr. Beth Barnett, Provost of Ramapo College, in memory of her sister.  It is awarded to a Literature major with a GPA of 3.5 or greater.

This recipient is selected by the Dean of the School of Humanities and Global Studies in consultation with the Literature faculty convening group.





  • Literature Major
  • GPA of 3.5Selected by Dean of School of Humanities and Global Studies in consultation with Literature Faculty convening group

2019 Recipient – Christine Zelinski (Literature)





Past Recipients

2018 – Alexa Zavlek (Literature)
2017 – Hayley Van Hoek (Literature)
2016 – Misha Choudhry (Literature)

Helen Burchell Memorial Scholarship

Burchell,HelenHelen Burchell was a member of the founding faculty at Ramapo College, joining the faculty as an Associate Professor of Education in 1971. She was director of Clinical Experiences for beginning teachers and served as an administrator in the Teacher Education program until 1987, when she focused on academic outreach, special projects and grants. Her command of the English language and her editorial skills were a tremendous resource to faculty, especially in terms of grant-seeking.

For 25 years Dr. Burchell was the director of The Record Debate Classic at Ramapo College, a tournament for high school debate teams from across the region. She also served on the Donald G. and Flora A. Borg Merit Scholarship Award committee for more than a decade.

Helen Burchell grew up in New England “amongst a large and busy family” according to her brother William. Dr. Burchell earned her undergraduate degree from Cornell University in 1953 and master’s and doctoral degrees in Education from Columbia University Teacher’s College. She taught at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia from 1962 until 1971. Dr. Burchell had an avid interest in American antiques. “Never again shall I encounter anyone so prodigiously skilled in acquiring antiquity nor so disarming in negotiations with dealers,” continues her brother William.

Dr. Burchell died suddenly in 2004, just three months after her retirement from Ramapo College. In recognition of her many years of service to Ramapo, the Ramapo College Foundation Board of Governors created endowed scholarship in her memory.

2019 Recipient – Rachel Huddy (Literature)





Past Recipients

2018 – Max Lasky (Literature)
2017 – Daniel Landers (Literature)
2016 – Bryan Potts (Literature)
2015 – Marina Bisha (Literature)
2014 – Claire Kelly (Literature)
2013 – Jacqueline Thomas (Literature)
2012 – Amanda Lentino (Literature) & Kim Eskin (Literature)
2011 – Logan Brown (Literature)
2010 – Sarah Hildebrand (Literature)
2009 – Katherine Levering (Literature)
2008 – Moriah Cohen (Literature)

Professor Charles Carreras Latin American Studies Scholarship

Carerras 4.10.12 009Dr. Charles Carreras joined the Ramapo College faculty in 1971, two years after the College’s founding. Over the next 37 years he taught courses and presented papers on Latin American history, culture, human rights and the region’s relationship with the United States. In addition to Latin America, Dr. Carreras’ research interests centered around Mexico and the local history of Mahwah, NJ. “I came to Ramapo to pursue Latin American studies and devoted almost 40 years to educating students about Central and South America,” says Dr. Carreras. After his retirement in 2008, Dr. Carreras created a gift annuity that will endow this scholarship fund. The Carreras Scholarship benefits students with a minor in Latin American Studies and is selected by the Carreras family and members of the Ramapo College International Studies faculty. “With this gift I can continue to support Latin American Studies at Ramapo, even in retirement,” Dr. Carreras says. The recipient of the Professor Charles Carreras Latin American Studies Scholarship is selected in the Spring semester.

2019 Recipient – Karen Lara (Chemistry/Latino(a) American Studies Minor)

Past Recipients

2018 – Angely Montilla (Political Science/International Studies)
2017 – Kimberly Perez-Lucero (Psychology Major/LLAS Minor)
2016 – Sasha Lopez (International Studies)
2015 – Monica Cuello-Natera (Literature/Spanish)
2014 – Andrea Arias (Spanish Language Studies)
2012 – Keysi Castillo (Spanish Language Studies)
2011 – Catherine Agacinski (International Studies)
2010 – Ashley Wood (International Studies)

Robert J. Christopher Memorial Scholarship

Christopher, RobertThe Robert J. Christopher Memorial Scholarship honors the long and positive relationship between Robert J. Christopher (1937-2006), a distinguished professor of literature and Ramapo College of New Jersey. For 32 years, Dr. Christopher served as an academic administrator in addition to introducing generations of students to the depth and beauty of English and American literature. In addition, Dr. Christopher created and directed the Oxford Honors program, the College’s first honors program and one of the early study abroad programs for liberal arts students enrolled at Ramapo College. The program brought Ramapo College students to Oxford University for summers of study and travel in England where they were introduced to the places that produced the greats of English literature. The Professor Robert J. Christopher Memorial Scholarship was created by Dr. Christopher’s family and friends to recognize superior academic achievement among literature and documentary film/video majors, which reflects Dr. Christopher’s teaching and research interests.

2019 Recipient – Jeffrey Hoffman (Literature)




2019 Recipient – Alexa Zavlek (Literature)





Past Recipients

2018 – Stephen M Rosado (Communication Arts)
2017-  Hayley Bruning (Literature)
2016-  Erin Dubee (Communication Arts)
2015 – Shaya Reed (Communication Arts)
2014 – Kenny Moncayo  (Literature)
2013-  Corey Sorkin  (Communication Arts)
2012 – Brendan Flanagan (Literature/Int’l St./Liberal St.)
2011 – Caroline Church (Literature)
2010 – Nicole Cua (Communication Arts)
2009 – Sarah Hildebrand (Literature)
2009 – Jay Everett (Literature)
2008 – Laura Mahoney (Communication Arts)
2007 – Joe Bell (Literature)

Hackett HGS Scholarship

Hackett '08 41

The Hackett HGS Scholarship was started by Frances K. Hackett, who graduated from Ramapo in 1980 with degrees in Business Administration and American Studies. Ms. Hackett began working at Prudential in 1974 and had a distinguished career at the company where she served as vice president of Administration and OSGLI. Ms. Hackett was a dedicated volunteer and supporter of Ramapo College and was honored with the President’s Award of Merit in 2007. She was involved with a number of Ramapo College Foundation Board of Governors committees, including the Executive Committee, the Distinguished Citizens Dinner Committee and the Annual Golf Outing Committee. The Hackett HGS Scholarship honors Ms. Hackett’s experience as a graduate of the School of Humanities and Global Studies (HGS) and recognizes outstanding students in the School. The recipient is selected by the dean on the recommendation of the HGS conveners.

2019 Recipient – Francesca Evans (American Studies/Political Science)





Past Recipients

2018 – Jeffery Hoffman (Literature)
2017 – Alisha Grant (American Studies/Africana Studies)
2016 – Francesca Simone (History)
2015 – Paola Bermedo-Sturla (Int’l Studies/Spanish)
2014 – John Sapida (Int’l Studies/Political Science)
2013 – Ashley Wood (Int’l Studies/ History)
2013 – Ruthann Inserra (History)
2012 – Melissa Pepe (History)
2011 – Catherine Agacinski (International Studies)
2011 – Rebecca Solomita (Literature)
2010 – Sarah Hildebrand (Literature)
2009 – Rebecca Prince (Political Science)

Hermitage Scholarship

The Hermitage is an historic house museum located near to the College in Ho-Ho-Kus, NJ. George Washington visited the house during the Revolutionary War and the house was the site of the marriage of Aaron Burr and Theodosia Prevost. Ramapo history faculty have used The Hermitage as a resource, as well as Ramapo students.  To honor this relationship and recognize Ramapo history students who are conducting research at The Hermitage, Delight Dodyk, Ph.D., president of The Hermitage Board of Trustees, established this award in 2000.

Past Recipients

2009 – Kelly Grapentine (History)
2007- David Fernandes (Communication Arts)
2006 – Julianne Vink (History)

North Jersey Media Group/The Record Scholarship

For 25 years North Jersey Media Group staff worked closely with Ramapo College director Helen Burchell to implement The Record Debate Classic. Each year debate team members from high schools throughout Bergen County compete in this prestigious event, which hones their debating skills and builds awareness of a timely public policy issue. Lifelong learning, increasing the quality of public education and the ability to convey oneself effectively in the spoken and written word were very important to Helen Burchell.

She was a member of Ramapo College’s founding faculty in teacher education and also served as director of academic outreach and grants advisor. In addition to coordinating The Record Debate Classic, Dr. Burchell served on the Donald and Flora Borg Merit

Scholarship Award Committee, named for leaders of The Record. At Dr. Burchell’s death in 2005 the North Jersey Media Group Foundation made a generous commitment to the College in Helen’s memory, to be used for a scholarship for students in literature or journalism.

2019 Recipient- Robert Lenza (Literature)





Past Recipients

2018 – Mary Elizabeth Baldwin (Literature)
2017 – Grace Brennan (Literature)
2016 – Ben Reinhardt (Literature)
2015 – Dylan Sprayberry (Literature)
2014 – Audrey Zabohonski (Literature)
2013 – Caitlin Vogel (Literature)
2012 – Jacqueline Thomas (Literature)
2012 – Rosa Gomez (Literature)
2011 – Miranda Wyatt (Literature)
2010 – Joseph Lewandowski (Comm. Arts/Journalism)
2009 – Kaitlin Chieco (Communication Arts)
2008 – Jodi Weinberger (Communication Arts/Journalism)
2007- Karen Rivera (Communication Arts/Journalism)
2006 – Katelyn Mulligan (Comm. Arts/Journalism/Theater)

Dr. Ernest Simon Book Award

Dr. Ernest Simon was a professor of Literature at Ramapo from 1973 until his retirement in 1998. A group of his former students established this fund a number of years ago to honor their teacher and benefit Ramapo seniors in the Literature major.

Dr. Simon appreciated the gesture and he and his wife Christiana contributed to the fund. Mrs. Simon further enhanced the fund after Dr. Simon’s death in 2003. “One of the things I most enjoyed about Ernie Simon was that he never tired of sharing what he knew,” says his friend and colleague, Professor Ira Spar. “He approached our discussions, his teaching, and his students with the same energy that he gave to all that he did, and I count him among the best teachers Ramapo has ever had.”

This faculty-nominated award recognizes an outstanding Literature major who shows a “commitment to reading and research.”

2019 Recipient – Matthew Sisti (Literature)





Past Recipients

2018 – Alexandra Davies (Literature)
2017 – Jessica Bowman (Literature)
2016 – Ann Lau (Literature)
2015 – Ben Reinhardt (Literature)
2014 – Shannon Mahoney (Literature)
2013 – Kim Eskin (Literature)
2012 – Robert Trexel (Literature)
2011 – Caroline Church (Literature)
2011 – Brian May (Literature)
2010 – Sam Corman (Literature)
2010 – Gretchen Kaser (Literature)
2009 – Kimberly Rath (Literature)
2009 – Melissa Adamo (Literature)
2008 – Laura Izzo (Literature)
2008 – Katie Knarr (Literature)
2007- Martha Lipsy (Literature)
2007 – Michelle Jordon (Literature)
2006 – Ye Gyung Huynh (Literature)
2005 – Laura Gargani (Literature)

Sykes Family Scholarship

Suzanne Sykes and her late husband, Donald, founded Marpac Industries Inc. in 1967. Marpac manufactured plastic containers with offices in Waldwick and manufacturing sites in New York, California, Oklahoma and Ireland. After selling the company in 1998, Sue enrolled at Ramapo as a returning adult student. She earned her degree in American Studies in 2006 and remains very active with her alma mater.

Of her experience at Ramapo, she says, “The encouragement of the faculty was the probably the most surprising and most meaningful for me. I had some initial concern about how I would be accepted by other students, but it had not occurred to me how the professors might feel about an older student. I was put at ease and never felt uncomfortable. On several occasions, professors told me that they appreciated my presence in their classes, because it changed the dynamics and brought fresh perspectives. Needless to say, I was delighted.”

Sue participates in the Service Corps of Retired Executives (SCORE), which provides small business mentoring and training, and is a member of the Alumni Advisory Board of the School of Humanities and Global Studies. She established the Sykes Family Scholarship to benefit other returning adult students at Ramapo.

2018 Recipient – Zurine Cadena Jimenez (International Studies)

Past Recipients

2017 – Maria Garcia (Spanish Language Studies)
2016 – Donna Stempert (Literature)
2015 – Paola Bermedo-Sturla (Int’l Studies/Spanish)
2014 – Kristen Knudsen (Literature)

Stephen D. Warren Memorial Scholarship

Stephen Warren joined the Ramapo College community in 2006 as Comptroller for the Ramapo College Foundation. He brought many years of experience in higher education to the Foundation, and became an asset to the Foundation Board of Governors and administration with his impressive depth of knowledge. “Business was what he did every day and it was his life,” says Donna Warren, Steve’s wife of 23 years. “But his interest, one of his loves, was history. The other was astronomy, which he had little time to pursue.”

To honor Steve’s memory, his commitment to Ramapo College, and his interests, the Stephen D. Warren Memorial Scholarship will be used to benefit students majoring in History and students with an interest in astronomy.

2019 Recipient – Emma Lucier-Keller (History)





Past Recipients

2018 – Leah Lindstrom (History)
2017 – Samantha Sproviero (History)
2016 – Nicole Piccinich
2015 – Thomas Collela (History)
2014 – Erin Mulligan (American Studies/History)
2013 – William Feuss (History)
2012 – Steven Bellani (History)

HGS Students – Outside Scholarships