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COVID-19 Vaccine

Ramapo College will require the COVID-19 vaccine for our students this fall. We believe we must be together, we must commit to being together, and we must take every precaution and leverage every opportunity available to us to safely return the gift of togetherness to our campus. Yes, our COVID-19 testing and contact tracing strategies are working. Yes, our social distancing and de-densification strategies are working. Yes, our sanitization, face covering, and health screening strategies are working. At present, we plan to continue all of these strategies in the fall and we will strengthen them through this student vaccination requirement.

Requiring Vaccination. The American College Health Association (ACHA) advised in late April that comprehensive COVID-19 vaccination is the most effective way to foster a safe, robust on-campus experience in Fall 2021 and we have indeed been buoyed by the expanded eligibility and increased availability of vaccines in New Jersey and our neighboring states. Please be advised:

  • Our College’s immunization practices will continue to allow for religious and medical exemptions.
  • Residential and commuter students will need to show proof that they have completed the final dose of an approved COVID-19 vaccine (second dose of a 2-dose COVID-19 vaccine or single dose of a 1-dose COVID-19 vaccine) by mid-August.
  • Students participating in fully remote instruction for Fall 2021 will not be required to show proof of COVID-19 vaccination at this time unless they plan to access campus in-person this fall.
  • Any student that plans to access Ramapo’s physical campus will need to show proof of full vaccination.

Enhancing Access. We recognize that, for some members of our College, access to the vaccine may be a challenge. To mitigate this challenge, Ramapo anticipates serving as a site for vaccine distribution starting in June. We anticipate announcing a series of Vaccine Clinic dates throughout the summer.

Moving Through and Forward. More details and a FAQ about the vaccine requirement (including how and when students can secure and submit proof of vaccination) are available at Additional information will be provided as it becomes available.

All questions about the vaccine requirement at Ramapo can be directed to

Student COVID-19 Vaccination Policy (PDF)
COVID-19 Vaccine Medical Exemption Form (PDF)



Will Ramapo require the COVID-19 vaccination for students?

Yes, Ramapo will require all students to be fully vaccinated before arriving on campus for the fall 2021 semester.

What is the deadline for students to submit proof of vaccination?

All students, both full-time and part-time, must be fully vaccinated prior to the start of the fall 2021 semester. For students living on campus, documentation must be submitted by August 15, 2021. For commuter students, documentation must be submitted by August 18, 2021.

What is required for proof of full vaccination?
  1. A completed CDC COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card; or
  2. Or a medical record signed by a licensed health care provider indicating the vaccine name and dates of administration.
  3. Internationally administered vaccines must submit documentation of the dates and the name of the COVID-19 vaccine signed by a licensed healthcare provider. This documentation must be provided through your medical provider and translated to English.
How can I submit my vaccination records?

Currently, students can fax, mail or upload a copy of an approved vaccination record (as described above) to Health Services via

What If I Lost My Vaccine Card?

If you were vaccinated in NJ, you can obtain a copy of your vaccine card through the NJ Immunization Information System, found here:

Will there be exemptions to the vaccine requirements?
  1. Yes, students will be able to apply for a medical and/or religious exemption following the same procedure that exists for other immunization requirements. Students in this category should contact Health Services to learn more about the process.
  2. Students requesting an exemption for religious reasons will be required to submit a written statement, signed by the student or signed by a parent or legal guardian if the student is a minor, explaining how immunization conflicts with the student’s religious beliefs. A religious exemption is not the same as a philosophical, moral, or conscientious exemption. Students requesting an exemption for medical reasons will be required to submit a statement from a doctor or advanced practice nurse explaining the medical contraindication and the time period for which the exemption is being requested. Medical exemptions are reviewed annually.
  3. Further, students that are enrolled in fully on-line degree programs, those in programs without a need to be on campus (Ramapo@PCCC unless required by PCCC), students enrolled in fully remote classes for their entire course schedule, will not need to provide proof of vaccine. However, students enrolled in any of the 3+1 Ramapo @ PCCC program options who are in their third year of courses at Passaic should follow Passaic’s vaccine policy.
If I am enrolled in fully remote/virtual courses, but want to engage in student activities, athletics, academic clubs/organization and other on-campus activities, will I need the vaccine?

Any students that plans to be on Ramapo’s campus for fall 2021 semester in any physical capacity must meet the vaccine requirement.

I had Covid-19, do I still need to be vaccinated?


I have antibodies, do I still need to be vaccinated?

For additional information, please refer to the CDC website.

Does it matter what vaccine I receive?

To date, the FDA has authorized two vaccines for emergency use in the United States: Both doses in the 2-dose series (Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna), or one dose of a single-dose vaccine (Johnson and Johnson (J&J)/Janssen). These vaccines also have been recommended for use by the CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices. The FDA has fully authorized the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine on 8/23/2021.

The WHO has approved the following vaccines:

Manufacturer Name of Vaccine
Pfizer BioNTech BNT162b2/Comirnaty Tozienameran (INN)
AstraZeneca AZD1222
Zerum Institute of India Covishield
Janssen Johnson & Johnson Ad26.COV2.S
moderna MRNA-1273
Sinopharm / BIBP SARS-CoV-2 Vaccine
Sinovac SARS-CoV-2-Vaccine

*Fully vaccinated means that you have completed the single or double dose required by the vaccine, as well as the period pos-dosage for the vaccine to become fully effective (2 weeks post the final dose means you are fully vaccinated)

What if I cannot afford the vaccine?

The federal government is covering the cost of the vaccine so there should be no out of pocket expense for students.

Where can I receive a vaccine?
  1. Students and employees are encouraged to pursue vaccination opportunities in their home communities. Locations where vaccinations are offered can be found on the NJ Vaccine Appointment Finder
  2. Further, the College will serve as a vaccine site this summer. We hope to announce details of that partnership by early June.
Will I be able to register for Fall courses before completing the vaccination process?

Yes. Registration is currently open for students. However, students should note that as of August 24 if they enroll in any course that has an on-campus and/or in-person component, they will not be able to register without previously documented proof of full vaccination.

If I am vaccinated, do I need to participate in any college mandated testing processes in Fall 2021?

Not at this time (subject to change if the pandemic conditions change).

How can Ramapo require students to be vaccinated, when the FDA has approved the vaccines for emergency use only?

Ramapo joins a number of public and private New Jersey colleges that are requiring the vaccine. The decision has been reviewed thoroughly by the General Counsel and has been advanced by the American College Health Association which includes more than 700 institutions nationwide.

Do I need to be vaccinated to come to campus for Orientation this summer?

No. Students will need to complete a self-screening checklist before arriving at their orientation in June or July.

I have a question. Where do I submit it?

All questions about the vaccine requirement at Ramapo can be directed to which will be answered by a Ramapo College staff member.

Will receiving the vaccine make me safer from COVID-19?

According to the CDC, the available vaccines are all safe and effective, and studies have shown they prevent severe illness and death from COVID-19. See for information.

Why should I get vaccinated?
  1. According to the CDC, the vaccines are all safe and effective, and studies have shown they prevent severe illness and death from the virus. See for more information.
  2. Vaccines also help protect those who are immunocompromised and those who physiologically can not get the vaccine.
What does this requirement mean to campus life for fall 2021?
  1. This requirement will help the College return to a more populated and active life on our beautiful campus.
  2. Classes will be held in person with any social distancing and occupancy restrictions that are in effect at that time. This means that classrooms and in-person attendance may be rotated.
  3. The residence halls will reopen with multiple occupancy (doubles, suites, apartments) in addition to singles. We will continue to reserve apartments in the College Park Apartments and The Village for isolation/quarantine accommodations, as needed.
  4. Dining options will expand in alignment with social distancing rules and other protocols for indoor dining.
  5. We look forward to the robust re-emergence of all varsity athletics, recreation and intramural options, most student club and organization activities, and student activities and programming consistent with social distancing and state occupancy limits.
With students being vaccinated, can resident students have roommates?

Yes. The Office of Residence Life is planning to offer double occupancy rooms and students will be able to have roommates.

What if I am an international student or student arriving from an international location and can not get vaccinated before arriving in the US, will I still be able to check into housing?

Yes, however you will be required to quarantine until you are able to get fully vaccinated

What if I am an international student or student arriving from an international location and have received the AstraZeneca vaccine, will I need to be re-vaccinated?

Although the AstraZeneca vaccine is not currently approved for use in the US, since the World Health Organization has approved its use, the FDA has indicated that any individual that has received both doses of the vaccine and are considered fully vaccinated, would not need to be re-vaccinated by an FDA approved vaccine. However, if an international student or student arriving from an international location is only partially vaccinated, they would need to start new doses upon arrival to the US.

If I am an international student or student arriving from an international location, will you accept vaccination proof from outside the U.S.?

This documentation must be provided through your medical provider and translated to English.

I am participating in courses virtually, and I have a fieldwork (e.g., internship, co-op, etc.) experience off-campus. Do I need to be vaccinated?

The COVID-19 vaccine is not required for students who are virtual learners and will not have an on-campus presence.  However, if you have an internship, co-op, field experience, clinical, etc., you are required to comply with the COVID-19 vaccine policies of that location.