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Testing Policy for Unvaccinated Students with Waivers

COVID-19 Testing Policy for Students

The College’s surveillance testing program is designed to screen unvaccinated students in an effort to protect our community. It is mandatory that all unvaccinated students comply with surveillance testing.

The College will utilize our selected vendor to administer COVID-19 surveillance testing.

Students are expected to conduct their daily symptom self-screening before arriving for surveillance testing. All students are expected to wear face coverings (except at the point of time of the test) and demonstrate social distancing while at the testing site.

Symptomatic students, those positive for COVID-19 or those who have been identified as close contacts should not participate in their assigned surveillance testing time, as they risk exposing other students and staff to the virus, and should immediately call Health Services (201-684-7536) to receive further instructions.

Students who fail to adhere to the COVID-19 Testing Policy for Students may be referred to the Office of Student Conduct for disciplinary action. An Interim Suspension will be issued to any student who fails to test on 2 consecutive weeks or who misses 3 or more testing weeks during the course of the semester.   Any student who is issued an Interim Suspension will be required to show evidence of a negative PCR or Rapid Antigen test and attend an Interim Suspension Hearing to be reinstated from the Interim Suspension. An at home or self-administered COVID-19 test is not accepted. Multiple Interim Suspensions may result in no ability to provide a negative COVID-19 to return to school.

Recommended Sanctions for COVID-19 Testing Policy for Student Violations:

1st Violation: $100 fine and Probation

2nd violation: $200 fine and Disciplinary Probation

3rd violation: $300 fine, Disciplinary Probation, possible Suspension of Residence Privileges and possible suspension from the College

4th violation: $400 fine, Disciplinary Probation (extended), Suspension of Residence Privileges, possible Suspension from the College