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Ramapo College Frequently Asked Questions



Q:  Is international travel cancelled?
A: Please contact your supervisor or sponsoring department for more details. Additional student travel information is posted here,

Employees and students attending college-sponsored international experiences are required to be vaccinated against COVID-19.

Q:  What is Ramapo College sponsored or supported international travel?
A:  Ramapo Sponsored Activities Includes all travel by faculty, staff, students and other eligible participants, which is organized, approved, administered, and/or funded by the College, the Ramapo College Foundation or external funders. Examples of these activities include: Faculty/staff-led programs; recruitment trips; program assessment trips; conference attendance; College-funded scholarly capacity travel; etc.


Operations, Facilities and Buildings

Q:  What guidance is Ramapo College following to maintain healthy business operations?
A: Ramapo College is following the recommendations provided by the CDC to maintain healthy business operations and reduce transmission among employees.

Q:  Is Building Services doing anything different related to cleaning as a result of the outbreak of COVID-19?
A: Ramapo College’s Director of Environmental Health and Safety met with Building Services supervisors and advised on safe procedures for cleaning and disinfecting high touch surfaces at the College. The Director also confirmed that Building Services staff are indeed using the products that are recommended by the Environmental Protection Agency.


Student Employment

Q:  How will student employment be affected?
A: All students who work on-campus must comply with Ramapo College’s COVID-19 Student Immunization Requirement Policy prior to starting work.