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Message from CIO regarding the College’s Cadre of Technology Services and Help Desk Resources

Dear Students, Faculty, and Staff,

As we begin our first week of remote instruction and move to remote connection for work as well, being able to access the tools you need, fill any knowledge gaps, and provide general support is paramount in the next few days.

Help Desk Support: If you have any issues with technology, please log in to the helpdesk if connected to the network and log a ticket, which is the fastest way to get your issue submitted.  If you cannot log into the system, you can also send your request to, but please include a summary of your main issue as well as all relevant details as clearly as you can so that we can more efficiently address your request.  Over the next several days we are expecting a high volume of tickets and we appreciate your patience as we work through all of them.

Please do NOT visit the ITS area or ITS Help Desk area for support, as our staff is working remotely for safety reasons.  If there is an issue that has been identified that requires direct physical support, an appointment will be arranged to provide the support you need.

Some of the most Frequently Asked Questions (and Answers) we have received over the last two weeks are compiled below:

Can I get VPN access from my personal computer?

Yes, but prior to doing so, you must create a ticket requesting the access by sending an email to

You must include a screenshot of your antivirus program showing a recent clean scan and that your virus definitions are up to date.

Our firewalls will verify that you are current every time you connect and deny access if you aren’t, so please make sure this is running at all times.

How do I get antivirus for my remote computer?

Please go to the ITS Remote Resources page at Follow the link to the Sophos Antivirus application for our students, staff and faculty.

How can I use WebEx?

You do not need a WebEx account to participate in someone else’s meeting.  You can click the link you received in the meeting invitation and you will be connected to their meeting.

If it is the first time you are using WebEx, you will be prompted to install the application.  This is encouraged but not required. You can also join the meeting from your web browser or phone.

To run your own WebEx meetings you will need to set up your account.  All should have received an invitation from Cisco to set up an account so they can create their own meetings and collaborate with one another (faculty and staff received this message on March 12th; Adjuncts received it on March 20th; Students will receive it today, March 22nd). If you cannot access the Cisco email, you must create a ticket requesting access by sending an email to and please include “WebEx” in the subject.

For more information on WebEx including training guides and videos please visit

Can I access Banner from home?

Yes you can, please send an email to with “Banner Access” in the subject for access instructions.

How do I access a particular software application for my class that I normally only use on campus?

Please send an email to with the following information:  The application that you need to use, the course title, and your professor’s full name.  This will aid us in setting you up for this access.

How can I access my voicemail and change the greeting on my phone?

Please refer to the Telecom webpage for information as to how to access voicemail and set up call forwarding.

I am new to remote operations, help?


We in ITS are here to support the campus as we move to remote connections.  We have technology that is geared to remote instruction, including: Canvas, Moodle, WebEx, and TechSmith Relay.

In addition, the Instructional Design Center has a host of information on all of these technologies on their site (  Additionally, the IDC is running numerous workshops to quickly get people up to speed on these technologies.  Please check the IDC website for more information.

We will be increasing support to campus, and updating our website to include these and other Frequently Asked Questions as we track issues, so please check back to see if you can find resources as we work on assisting you with your open ticket.  Please access the ITS Remote Resources website here:

Please all be safe, and know that we greatly appreciate your patience during this time, as we all transition to remote work and learning.  We are here to support you all and we are excited to help campus in any way we can.