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Coronavirus Campus Communication 9/9/2020 – Official Message from the Office of the President

Coronavirus Campus Communication 9/9/2020 – Official Message from the Office of the President

Dear Students, Colleagues, and Friends:

Welcome to the fall 2020 semester at Ramapo College. We are one week into this academic year and it gives me great pride to reflect on how Ramapo College has moved through the past six months and how, I believe, our continued shared commitment and mutual respect for one another, will foster our resolve in the months that follow.

I am certain that how we relate to one another in these unique and uneasy times of isolation, digital absorption, and social justice transformation, is increasingly important to our personal and collective well-being and doing so requires effort. Please, we must extend grace, patience, and kindness in all of our interactions with one another whether they be virtual or in-person.

This semester is most unlike semesters past and I want to thank each of you for choosing to be a part of this College, which has been my home for the past 15 years. My wife, Jackie, and I continue to marvel at the promise of our students, the ingenuity of our faculty, the resourcefulness of our administration, and the compassion of our staff especially during times of difficulty. So many of you have spent the past several months troubleshooting, reimagining, and redesigning the Ramapo College experience in order to make this semester possible for all of us. Thank you.

By now we have all completed the mandated health and safety trainings and have agreed to follow the related guidelines set forth by the College (social distance, wear a face covering, self-screen, do not gather in large crowds, wash hands, etc.). Despite our earnest preparations and precautions, however, the Coronavirus will persist and we will have confirmed cases within our community. I know that we will get through though. As Roadrunners, our compliance with these measures is an effective and comforting demonstration of our mutual respect for one another. What we must all hold dear is that the College’s ability to swiftly respond to a confirmed case and to contain its spread is dramatically hastened when we are all in lock step together. Further, what we have on our side at this time, compared to six months ago, is more knowledge about the virus, its transmission, and its impact.

I do so look forward to our year ahead together and to your future contributions to our great college. Whether we are six feet away from one another sipping Dunkin’ in the Grove or exchanging greetings via WebEx, we are together for this academic year and that is a gift for which I am most grateful.

You have my gratitude and best wishes for what I trust will be a restorative and fulfilling year.

Peter P. Mercer