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Coronavirus Campus Communication 8/4/2020 – Official Announcement: Mandated COVID 19 Student Training

Coronavirus Campus Communication 8/4/2020 – Official Announcement: Mandated COVID 19 Student Training

Dear Student:

COVID-19 has changed the way that we live our lives.  While we could not have predicted or planned for the change we have all been experiencing over the last few months, this is our shared way of life and you can count on the College to support your experience.  One of the ways we support you is to ensure that you understand the context for the pandemic we are in, the health risks, and ways to protect yourself and other Roadrunners as you return to campus.

In the upcoming days, you will receive a COVID-19 training via your Ramapo College email account. The College regards the mandatory training as necessary, important, and critical toward ensuring students understand safeguarding measures connected to COVID-19. The training link is unique to you, so the College will be tracking your completion of it.  The training should take no more than 40 minutes to complete

Failure to complete the training may include, but is not limited to, being prohibited from attending in-person classes, living on Campus, engaging in athletic practice, student employment, nursing clinicals, student teaching, fieldwork, internships, and co-ops and receiving a transcript hold.

The training must be completed by August 24, 2020.  The training introduces the Student Code for Healthy Living and Learning which requires your signature (using a mouse, stylus, or finger) to acknowledge receipt. For disability related accommodations, students can contact the Office of Specialized Services at 201-684-7514.

The goal of the training program is to educate you about COVID-19 and help you understand the ways you can protect yourself and others from contracting the virus.   Your health remains our top priority, so I urge you to partner with me and complete the important training modules with your wellbeing in mind. You can learn more about COVID-19 via the College’s website: and questions about the training can be directed to

In health,
Melissa Van Der Wall
Dean of Students