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Coronavirus Campus Communication 6/9/2022 – Official Message from the Office of the President

Coronavirus Campus Communication 6/9/2022 – Official Message from the Office of the President

Dear Students,

I hope that your summer is going well and that you are finding time for some well-deserved rest and reward. I write today to reflect on the institutional priorities that have guided us over the last year, to share COVID-19 health and safety adjustments, and to thank you for your contributions toward building a healthy, safe, and vibrant campus environment.

As described in our priorities, we must continue to default to being adaptable and resilient—recognizing that conditions are impermanent and new challenges are inevitable. In the spring, our campus effectively transitioned to a face-covering friendly environment. We did so by being humble, continuing to learn about the COVID-19 virus, making adjustments, and demonstrating respect and empathy for one another. We continue to prioritize a healthy, safe, and vibrant campus and, as we continue to learn about this virus, we continue to make adjustments:

A healthy, safe, and vibrant campus environment during the past year was truly made possible by your contributions. Our community gathered together to support one another and to invest our passions in activities designed to uplift the human condition. We encouraged one another at our Honors and Student Research Symposia, student-athlete competitions, arts performances and productions, and countless other fora. We learned from one another through participation in The Future Series, Conversations on Race, heritage month programs, Relay for Life, National Denim Day, and Ukraine relief efforts– to name only a few. And, we celebrated one another at countless end-of-year programs recognizing service, scholarship, and perseverance. I am grateful for your energies and efforts on all of these fronts.

Thank you, again, for making this past academic year a healthy, safe, and vibrant one. I look forward to your continued contributions to our community, and to continuing to serve alongside you as we navigate the year ahead together.

Cindy R. Jebb