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Coronavirus Campus Communication 5/4/2020

Coronavirus Campus Communication 5/4/2020 – A Message Concerning Student Housing

This message is in response to recent inquiries which recognized that, while many Ramapo College students vacated their residence halls when the College moved to remote operations due to COVID-19, indeed, some students who were unable to return home for various reasons were permitted to remain on campus.

Safe and Sanitary Housing

Our students who are in residence continue to be provided safe and sanitary housing and have consistently had access to: meal pick-up service, kitchen-equipped units, Public Safety, the College’s food pantry, laundry facilities, and personalized care by Health Services. If you are privy to specific and valid information to the contrary, please share that information immediately with 

Summer Housing Rate

Please note that students who meet the criteria to remain on campus after May 9, 2020 are receiving a 50% discounted rate of $17 per day to cover some of the essential costs associated with the provision of housing.  This cost, according to our research, is less than what is being assessed by our sister institutions. These students may also arrange for flexible payment plans that will take into account each student’s individual circumstances. 


The College, as the recipient of CARES Act funds, must abide by the federal government’s current criteria and restrictions on the distribution of these funds. A helpful FAQ on this point is available at

Continued Support

Recognizing the restrictions on the CARES Act funds, the limitations of the WeCare program, and a need for additional student relief beyond institutional refunds for housing, room/board, and parking, the College established the COVID19 Relief Fund to which all of us and others have contributed. We hope that you, as you may be able, take the time to help your fellow Ramapo classmates by contributing to the Relief Fund. These funds are specifically for impacted students including those in residence.

We continue to be in close communication with our students who reside on campus, especially those who will continue to confront severe financial and logistical constraints after May 9, 2020 as well as those who meet the criteria to live in summer housing through July 1, 2020 and beyond.

Peter P. Mercer, President
Angela Cristini, Interim Vice President of Institutional Advancement
Susan Gaulden, Interim Provost/VP of Academic Affairs
Kirsten Loewrigkeit, Vice President
Nicole Morgan Agard, Chief Equity and Diversity Officer
Christopher Romano, Vice President
Michael Tripodi, Vice President
Melissa Van Der Wall, Dean of Students
Brittany Williams-Goldstein, Chief of Staff