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Ramapo Community Responds to Call for Student Support in Time of Coronavirus with “The Year of Giving”.

The Ramapo College community has always had a resilient spirit that cannot easily be defeated, even in troubling times.

We are proud of the remarkable outpouring of positive support, which has been received despite all the recent events that have affected our campus as well as colleges and universities across the country.

Keeping that generosity and resilience in mind, our donors are invited to participate in the “Year of Giving” where we hope to reach our goal of $10,000, with your help. Pledging $10.00 per month as a recurring monthly gift for 12 months “can make a difference now” or you can donate $120.00 as a onetime gift. The funds will aid and reassure our students in need that we are here to support them.

Give today!

Once a Roadrunner, always a Roadrunner!

Your participation in this years “Year of Giving” campaign is playing a key and direct role in the College’s ability to provide students with direct support.

Together we have raised $2,480 dollars so far with a goal set of $10,000 dollars with your continued help.

THANK YOU to all who have participated so far in this years campaign-And as a reminder this campaign will be running throughout the 2020-2021 school year.

Your continued support and partnership toward each student on and off campus will touch every individual in a very special way. Thank you!