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This recommended four-year plan is designed to provide a blueprint for students to complete their degrees within four years. These plans are the recommended sequences of courses. Students must meet with their Major Advisor to develop a more individualized plan to complete their degree. This plan assumes that no developmental courses are required. If developmental courses are needed, students may have additional requirements to fulfill which are not listed in the plan and degree completion may take longer.

NOTE: This recommended Four-Year Plan is applicable to students admitted into the major during the 2016-2017 academic year.

First Year

Fall Semester

Spring Semester

Second Year

Fall Semester

Spring Semester

Declaration of Major/Minor

A student may declare his/her major at any time during the semester by obtaining a Major/Minor Declaration Form from The Center for Student Success or the Office of the Registrar. This form must be completed by the student and signed by the Convener of the Major/Minor requested and then returned to the Office of Registrar. It is recommended that major changes are made before the next registration cycle, but it is imperative that undeclared student declare a major before earning 64 credits. Registration holds will be placed to enforce this policy.

Total Credits Required: 128 credits
Required GPA for Graduation: 2.0