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Capital Improvement Project Request (PDF)

Routine Repair, Maintenance or Minor Replacement:

Requests for non-emergency routine repair or maintenance items can be made through the Facilities Web Help Desk system. This category of work is performed on reparable, non-obsolete, existing equipment or building infrastructure. Work may entail electrical, heating, cooling, plumbing, locks, fire protection systems, cleaning, minor paint touchup or general building and grounds repairs and usually costs $500 or less. The Office of Facilities will prioritize and incorporate these types of requests into its work schedule.

Capital Improvements:

Please submit all capital improvement requests during the annual budget process, whether a funding source has been identified or not (see types below). Please do not make separate requests to the Offices of Facilities or Capital Planning and Construction. Routine maintenance requests should still be submitted through Web Help Desk.

Requests for capital improvements must include a detailed description and justification that ties to the College’s Strategic Plan, priorities and three-year unit plan. When submitting these requests please use the “Capital Improvement Project Request” form and obtain Division Head approval prior to submittal. Scan and email approved form with all backup as a PDF document to with “Capital Request” and Project Title in the subject line.

Types of Capital Improvements:

Minor Capital Improvement: Renovation, Modification, Major Repair or Replacement, New Installation: Examples of this category of work include but are not limited to: extensive floor or carpet replacement, large scale painting projects, installation of new equipment, replacement of specialized equipment, change of use of a facility, renovation of areas and typically costs over $500.

Major Capital Improvement: Examples of this category of work include but are not limited to: upgrading and adding to the College’s physical assets, roof replacements, major building renovations and additions, acquisition of major equipment or systems and typically costs over $30,000.

Review Process:

All requests will be reviewed and prioritized by the Budget Committee in concurrence with other related committees. For capital projects, the Offices of Facilities, Capital Planning and Construction will be consulted.

Approval of capital projects will be based upon certain criteria – environmental, health and safety, compliance mandates, asset protection, critical maintenance, cost savings or avoidance, strategic goals, priorities, etc. Any funding requests tied to a strategic goal, priority or the Facilities Master Plan, should also be uploaded in Weave.

If the project and funding are approved, the Offices of Facilities and/or Capital Planning and Construction shall take the steps needed to implement the project in consultation with the unit/division head, College oversight entities (e.g. Space Committee, Fire Marshall) and/or external regulatory agencies.