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India Talks: Doing Business in the Bottom of the Pyramid

March 11 @ 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM

[Pavilion #3] 

Business Model Innovations for doing business in the Bottom Of the Pyramid in India: Approaches and Unexplored Frontiers 

Almost all business organizations pursue sustainability. In this pursuit businesses have begin to realize that contribution to the environment that they operate in creates a positive environment for them.  Understanding of the local landscapes becomes an integral part of the planning process. The rise of the emerging economies like India has forced businesses to rethink their strategy. Instead of top-down,  development, more discussions now focus on providing goods and services profitably to the base of the  economic pyramid (BOP) which affected a majority of the population.  The talk will focus on transformations that need to be undertaken by traditional businesses to cater to this audience in India. This talk will also discuss some innovations and also touch areas that remain unexplored. 

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