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It is essential that the Ramapo College logo be utilized appropriately on all Ramapo College publications and other printed and visual communications. You should feel free to consult with the director of publications on your self-designed projects when unsure about how to treat the Ramapo logo and/or other elements of the design standard.

Although replications of the various usages of the Ramapo College logo are available online, only the “tiff” logos (downloadable) available on this site should be used in print products.

Requests for high-resolution logos for print can also be obtained from the director of publications to ensure that they print quality, size and resolution.

No division, school or unit may create its own logo or graphic element for its identity or use. Only the official Ramapo logo may be used. This includes logos for clothing, vehicles, promotional gifts, signage and stationery. Should you have any questions, please call the Office of Communications and Public Relations at extension 7602.

Individuals should not alter logo files but rather use the appropriate file for the task at hand.

The College has two trademarked logos. The examples shown will be used for the College’s communications needs.

See Logos Here

All College logos cannot be altered or changed in any way.

All athletics and academic logo usage on merchandise must be licensed through SMA. For information on how to register your vendor with SMA, please contact Communications and Public Relations.You cannot print, silkscreen, or engrave the athletic logos on merchandise or apparel without prior licensing approval.

All athletics logos on printed (paper) materials must be approved by the Department of Athletics in advance.

All academic logos on printed (paper) materials must be approved by the Office of Communications and Public Relations in advance.


Logo Encroachment

In order to maintain consistency and legibility of the logo across all applications a specified area around the logo is to be kept clear of all other graphics and type elements.


This area (also known as a quiet area, clear area, or non-encroachment zone) is determined by using the width of the interior arch in all directions from the logo as a guide.


Figure 1: Incorrect – Type is too close to logo
Figure 2: Correct


Logo Usage Reminders

  1. Do not alter, reposition or re-proportion any of the logo elements. Use only the logo files provided.
  2. Do not manipulate the logo files at all.
  3. Do not use the athletic logos without prior permission from the Department of Athletics.
  4. Do not use the academic logos without prior permission from the Office of Communications and Public Relations.
  5. All College publications must include the Ramapo College logo in the appropriate location.
  6. All College publications must be approved in advance by the Office of Communications and Public Relations.
  7. Old and incorrect logo files still exist on hard drives throughout the College. They must not be used and we ask that you destroy them. This is an example of an old logo file.




Note the bump on the inside top of the arch and the less distinct sides of the arch. This logo should not be used under any circumstances. Please replace any obsolete logos you may have in your possession. If in doubt, consult with the director of publications for proper usage.

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Different Backgrounds

When using the logo in designs for interior pages (NOT COVERS) and in other situations, use the examples below as a guide. The logo may be applied to backgrounds provided there is sufficient contrast to view it clearly. The logo should not be applied to a background, which is so busy that it detracts from the legibility and strength of the logo.


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Official College Seal


Official College Seal

In certain cases, when a message is coming directly from the president’s office, or is directly related to that office, use of the official College seal is appropriate.

This seal should only be used for the specific exceptional situation it represents and not as a replacement for the standard logo. For example, an open house invitation for admissions should not carry the official seal.

In the special circumstances surrounding a president’s inauguration invitation package, the College seal can be used in place of the standard logo because it is a formal event pertaining in the most direct way to the president’s office and official duties at the College. However, in this instance only, the standard College logo must be carried on the outer inaugural invitation envelope. For example, the invitation itself can utilize the College seal only, without carrying the standard logo. But the envelope the invitation is mailed in must have the standard logo present in the appropriate position per return envelope design standards.

The official College seal should never be used directly next to or across from the standard logo (whether vertical or horizontal). If, for example, an outer invitation envelope carries the standard logo in the top left corner, the College seal cannot be placed next to it. It can be somewhere less prominent on the outer envelope, as long as it is clear that the standard logo takes precedence.

The official College seal may never be placed over a photograph, or applied to a background so busy it detracts from the legibility of the seal.

Do not attempt to build special usage logos yourself by altering any of the basic logos, including the official College seal.

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Second-Party Logo Considerations

Organizations within the Ramapo College Community
There are only four organizations within Ramapo College whose logo may be placed along with, or in special cases, used instead of the primary Ramapo College academic mark on both print and electronic communications:

Department of Athletics (logos shown above)

Gross Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies

Ramapo College Foundation


You must receive approval by the Office of Communications and Public Relations before using the second-party logos.

Organizations outside the Ramapo Community

Occasionally when members of the Ramapo College community partner with outside organizations to produce events, the Ramapo College logo and the logo of the organization may appear on the same communication. Permission to do this will be granted on a case-by-case basis.

You must first contact the Office of Communications and Public Relations. Please have the following materials ready:

  1. Approved content for the design of the piece
  2. A comprehensive or rough design of the piece (if available)
  3. The second party logo and any requirements the second party may have for their logo usage

Please allow time in your schedule to accommodate changes that the Office of Communications and Public Relations may require you to make.

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Consistent typographic usage can have a subtle but profound effect in unifying the overall image of an institution. In order to achieve that unity the two typefaces used in the logotype are to be used globally as the primary identification typefaces for Ramapo College.

The typefaces were chosen for their ability to be mixed and used together. Unlike most type combinations, which may have radically different characteristics such as cap heights, stem weights, and proportions, ITC Stone Serif and ITC Stone Sans were designed to work together as a family. Stone types can be mixed successfully with each other in newsletters, business correspondence, books, etc. and allow for a great deal of flexibility and consistency at the same time.

Type examples all at 12 point