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Diversity Action Committee

Note: The Diversity Action Committee is inactive. Please visit the Office of Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Compliance for related information.

The Diversity Action Committee (DAC) was originally founded to advocate, advise, and support issues of diversity, equity, and inclusiveness at Ramapo College through the advancement of diversity-related initiatives with an emphasis on underrepresented and historically marginalized groups on campus.

DAC’s vision saw Ramapo College as an institution where diversity is salient and consistently and comprehensively infused across all facets of the College; where the environment is welcoming, dedicated to social justice, respectful of freedom of expression, and focused on educating and having an ongoing conversation regarding cultural competence and the benefits and importance of diversity.

DAC defined diversity as the full range of human difference and experience (as stated in the Ramapo College Strategic Plan).  A critical commitment to such diversity empowers and legitimizes lived social realities and standpoints of marginalized peoples.

The advocacy and work of DAC over the years led the College to formalize the Annual Diversity Convocation, to establish the office of the Ombudsperson, to deliver workshops and programs on diversity and inclusion, and to promote equitable and socially sustainable policies and practices throughout the College. DAC’s advocacy also shaped the establishment of the Office of Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Compliance and the designation of Chief Equity and Diversity Officer as a member of the President’s senior cabinet.