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Cassandra Currens

Junior — Communication Acts with a concentration in Journalism

Cassandra is the secretary of Lambda Pi Eta and a member of the National Society of Collegiate Scholars.

Personal Bio:

Hi, my name is Cassie. I’m so excited to be a Commuter Mentor for the first time and proudly represent the commuter student population here at Ramapo! I transferred from Union County College last fall, so I’ve been a commuter student for over three years. This will be my second year commuting to RCNJ from Westfield, NJ. I work for the Jane Addams Paper Project on campus, which digitizes documents from the early 20th century relevant to Jane Addams. When I’m not at school, I’m looking up new eateries to write Yelp reviews about, spending too much time watching Netflix, and singing loudly to music.”

Zachary A. Finkelstein

Senior – Business Administration with a concentration in Finance

Zachary is a member of Alpha Kappa Psi and the Roadrunner Financial Group.

Personal Bio:

“Hello my name is Zachary Finkelstein and I’m from Allendale, NJ. I transferred from SUNY Buffalo after my freshman year. I’m a part of Alpha Kappa PSi along with Dana White and I’m a part of our Roadrunner Financial Group where members work as a team to grow our investment portfolio that started out as a $50,000 grant from the school. I’ve also done volunteer work through the CCEC (The Civic & Community Engagement Center) and I participate in intramural sports on a regular basis and play pool (billiards)at our commuters lounge J Lee’s. I also enjoy watching soccer and hockey. (I’m a huge Devils fan.) I can’t wait t help other commuter/transfer students like myself for the upcoming school year.”

Juliana Florez

Senior — Psychology major

Juliana is a Peer Facilitation Intern, Ramapo Admissions Student Ambassador, member of Student Leaders Council, and member of EOF.

Personal Bio:

“Hi everyone! My name is Juliana and I commute from Clifton, New Jersey.  My favorite thing about commuting is jamming out in my car during my 30-45 minute commute. Since I will be graduating in May, I am looking to attend graduate school for Counseling Psychology. Some of my favorite things include traveling, trying new foods, learning new things, and taking naps. Although I am a commuter, I am heavily involved on-campus. It allows for me to have more friends but truly makes Ramapo my home away from home. Being a Commuter-Student Mentor, I hope to develop a great relationship with my mentee(s) and be a helping hand as they transition to

 Kaci D. Kopec

Junior – Biology; Chemistry

Kaci is a  member of the Ramapo Honors Program, the National Society of Collegiate Scholars honor society, Executive board member of the Biology Club serving as the Ramapo Green Alliance Liason, and a member of FeminStem.

Personal Bio:

“Hello, my name is Kaci! I am a sophomore here at Ramapo majoring in Biology with a minor in Chemistry. I commute to RCNJ from Northvale, NJ and besides being a Commuter Student Mentor I am a part of the college Honors Program, a NSCS honor society member, an executive board member of the Biology club, and a member of FeminStem. I also do research with one of my professors here on campus learning more about probiotics. In my free time I ride horses and try to compete at as many shows as possible!”

Julia A. LaCava

Senior – Psychology

Julia is a member of Active Minds and volunteers at the Mental Health Association of Rockland.

Personal Bio:

“Hello everyone, I’m Julia LaCava and majoring in psychology. I’m going into my junior year at Ramapo and transferred from Rockland Community College last year. I commute from Nanuet, N.Y! Off campus, I volunteer at the Mental Health Association of Rockland, and am a waitress at Chilis! I really enjoy meeting new people and am super excited to mentor incoming commuters!!”

Caitlin Mark

Junior – Accounting

Caitlin is a member of Dumbledore’s Army and Sonny’s Gym.

Personal Bio:

“Hi I’m Caitlin Mark and majoring in Accounting. I’m going in for my sophomore year here at Ramapo and I’m super excited for the year to begin. I belong to the DA club and hang out in the Women’s Center. I have a younger autistic brother and love to go to the movies or read.”

Anthony Miragliotta

Sophomore – Political Science

Anthony is a member of Democracy Matters, History Club, and Sports Club, as well as the Commuter Mentor Program

Personal Bio:

“Hello! My name is Anthony Miragliotta and this is my first year being a member of the Commuter Student Mentor program. So far,I have loved every minute of it! I have been commuting from Wayne, New Jersey since my freshman year. In my free time, I love to hang out with friends, cheer for my sports teams. which are the New York Yankees and the New York Giants, and go to the gym. I am a very easy person to talk to. I look forward to helping commuter students any way possible.”


Michelle Park

Sophomore- Nursing

Michelle is the Vice President of Roadrunner Pep Band, a member of the Honors College, and Alpha Lambda Delta. Off campus, she works as a swim instructor and is a lifeguard at Camp Sunshine during the summer.

Personal Bio:

“Hi! My name is Michelle Park and I am a sophomore Nursing Major commuting from Mahwah, NJ. When I’m not on campus, I love oil painting, volunteering, swimming, and spending time with my family. I also have a huge sweet tooth and love meeting new people. I am super eager to meet all the new commuters at RCNJ!”

Tara Reilly

Sophomore- Literature with a concentration in Secondary Education

Tara is a big sister in the Big Brothers Big Sisters program as well as a member of the Yoga Club.

Personal Bio:

“Hi everyone! My name is Tara Reilly and I’m a Literature major with a concentration in Secondary Education. This is my second year commuting from Waldwick, NJ and I’m so excited to be apart of the Commuter Mentoring Program! When I’m not at Ramapo, I like to read, be with my friends, and play tennis. I love doing volunteer work and think it’s a great way to get involved on campus. I’m looking forward to helping other commuters find their place at Ramapo!”

Danielle Ross

Junior- Elementary Education

Danielle is the moral chair for Ramathon

Personal Bio:

“Hi, I’m Danielle! I have been commuting to Ramapo since my Freshman year from my hometown, Waldwick. I am a Junior and am majoring in Elementary Education. I am also involved in the club Ramathon this year and am the morale chair. I love spending time with my friends and family, taking pictures, shopping, trying new restaurants, and traveling. I am so excited to be a commuter mentor this semester and look forward to helping my classmates as they transition into this exciting new chapter in their lives!”

Amanda M. Ruggiero

Junior – Business Marketing; Neuroscience

Amanda is a a part of two of campus groups called Have a Hart Day and Operation LA

Personal Bio:

“Hi, my name is Amanda Ruggiero and am a Sophomore at Ramapo! I am a major in Business Marketing with a minor in Neuroscience. My commute to school is about 45 minutes to an hour. When I am not at school, I love to go hiking at the reservation or go out with friends. I also love to take pictures, read, write, and binge watch TV shows on Netflix. I am a very friendly person and cannot wait to be able to mentor this year and meet a bunch of new people!”

Michelangelo Russo

Sophomore – Integrated Science Studies

Michelangelo is a a part of Commuter Affairs and the Biology Club

Personal Bio:

“Hi, my name is Michelangelo Russo. I’m a Sophomore Integrated Science Studies Major. This will be my second year as a Commuter. I want to help incoming students make the most out of Ramapo College, assisting their transition into college life. I will be sure that the incoming students know that they aren’t alone in the process of acclimating to college; that every one of my fellow students (including myself) has either gone or is continuing to go through the same process. I understand that it is a difficult thing for some first-year students, however, with time everyone can overcome this undertaking.”

Hana Selimovic

Senior — Biology; Food Studies & Psychology

Hana is a Ramapo Admissions Student Ambassador and President of the Nutrition and Fitness Club

Personal Bio:

“Hi! My name is Hana, & I’m a senior here at Ramapo. I major in Biology and looking to be a high school science teacher/college professor in the future, as well as get my RDN & a few personal training certifications. Working with people, especially to educate and help in any way I can, is my favorite thing to do. Currently I am a gymnastics and cheer coach for children ages 3-18, a substitute teacher, and a part-time personal trainer. Often I find people to open up to me quickly, and that is one trait I am thankful to have because it helps others have a person they can always go to and talk to. Being a commuter mentor for the past 2 years has allowed me to meet amazing new people & express my knowledge and love for this school.”

Stefan L. Strauch

Junior – Computer Science

Stefan works part time as a Technology Sales Associate at Staples

Personal Bio:

“Hey, I’m Stefan! I’m a Sophomore here at Ramapo, and a Computer Science major. I commute from Mahwah, and have lived here my whole life. I enjoy a number of things ranging from listening to music, hiking, video games and hanging out with friends. I am looking forward to a busy fall semester and meeting new people!”

Monika Weglarz

Sophomore – Biology; Spanish

Monika is a part of Leaders in Service, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Pre-Medical Club, Alpha Lambda Delta, and a mentor for commuters and the Enhance Program here at Ramapo.

Personal Bio:

Hi! My name is Monika Weglarz and a sophomore here at Ramapo. I commute to Ramapo from Kinnelon NJ  and I am majoring in biology with a minor in Spanish. My interests include meeting new people, movies and TV shows, learning new things, listening to music, and a little bit of football. I cannot wait to help new commuter students for the new year with the transition to Ramapo College.”

Joseph C. Zisa

Sophmore — Communication Arts with a concentration in Digital Film-making

Joe is a member of the Ramapo College XC and Track Team, Commuter Mentor Program, and works for the Ramapo College Media Center.

Personal Bio:

“Hi, I’m Joseph Zisa! I’ve been commuting to Ramapo from Wayne NJ since my freshman year. I am a Digital Film-making major and hope to work for a major film company in the future. Some things I enjoy are being apart of the Ramapo XC and Track Team, playing basketball, and listening to music. I am a black belt in Hapkido, an avid lover of sports, and a die-hard fan of the New York Yankees and Dallas Cowboys. I am honored to be apart of the Commuter Mentor program and look forward to helping students feel welcome and at home at Ramapo as they begin their academic pursuits.”