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Mental Health Links

Please note: This selection of links is not intended as a substitute for contact with a mental health professional. It is provided as a means for visitors to this web page to obtain additional information on topics typically discussed in counseling. Inevitably, some of the information represents opinion. If you read information that raises concerns or questions, we invite you to come in to Counseling Services in room D-216 and speak to a counselor. (see disclaimer below)

Alcohol & Other Drug Information
Mental Health Self-Help Resources
Rape, Sexual Assault, & Abuse Resources & Information
Body Image & Eating Disorders
Mental Health Resources for Veterans
  • National Alliance on Mental Health (NAMI) – Information on common mental health concerns for Veterans and Active Duty members, and tips for addressing these mental health concerns.
  • MentalHealth.Gov – A resource list of different services that provide or facilitate access to mental health treatment for Active Service Members, Veterans, and resources that serve both populations.
  • Veterans Affairs Whole Health Library: Self-Care– A resource library created by the VA to provide tools and information on eight areas of self-care, including mindful awareness, moving the body, surrounding (environment), personal development, food and drink, recharging, the power of the mind, the spirit and soul, and relationships with friends, family, and coworkers.
  • Veterans Affairs: Progressive Muscle Relaxation– This 10 minute relaxation exercise is a great way to decrease stress at school, in the work place, and at home. It has been found to decrease muscle tension and stress symptoms like rapid breathing, fast heartbeat, stomach problems, and headaches.
  • Veterans Health Administration: Guided Exercise on Acupressure for Sleep Care– This guided exercise in targeted pressure on six points of the body can improve relaxation and sleep. This is only one video of many by Acupuncturist Laurieanne Nabinger, RN, LEAMP for the Veterans Health Administration YouTube page.
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