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Campus Facilities Master Plan


The College is engaging in Campus Master Planning as part of its comprehensive Strategic Planning Process.

We are envisioning together an environment in which our learnings (The Future Series), our passions (Needs Statement Process), and our purpose as a public liberal arts college will be nurtured.

The new Master Plan, which will align physical campus and space to our Strategic Plan and Mission Statement will accomplish the following:

  • provide a focused vision that will address physical needs for the next 10 years, and
  • emphasize an enhanced student experience, value-based growth, and maximizing efficiencies with existing buildings, infrastructure and operations.
2022-23 Master Plan Committee

The Master Plan Committee was formally charged on April 28, 2022. Membership includes:

  • Mike Cunningham (Co-chair), Facilities and Infrastructure
  • Dan Roche (Co-chair), Capital Planning
  • Eric Wiener, Theoretical and Applied Science
  • Andraya Annucci, Student Government Association
  • Lisa Campbell, Berrie Center
  • Anthony Dovi, Admissions
  • Mike LaPorta, Residence Life
  • Lisa Lutter, Contemporary Arts
  • Chuck McBreen, Athletics
  • Paolo Miyashiro Bedoya, Student Government Association
  • Stephanie Scheeler, Special Events
  • Jakub Zak, Board of Trustees
Guiding Principles

The following 13 principles shall guide the master planning process:

  1. Be Inclusive (the Committee will engage the campus community in the Master Planning process via questionnaires, town halls, and dialogues with various stakeholders)
  2. Alignment with Strategic Plan
  3. Campus Character
  4. Student-centered campus
  5. Campus Sustainability (Renewal vs. New)
  6. Asset Stewardship
  7. Integration of Function and Adjacencies
  8. Flexibility and Inclusivity of Space
  9. Preservation and Identification of Future Development Sites
  10. Consideration of Lessons Learned from the Pandemic
  11. Review of Operations and Efficiencies
  12. Adequacies of Space and Scheduling
  13. Needs vs. Wants

Fall 2022

  • Phase Two of the Facilities Condition Assessment is underway.

Spring 2022

  • The committee was established and charged.
  • The committee completed a review of the current Master Plan, and it evaluated components considered worth keeping in the new plan.
  • Phase One of the campus-wide Facilities Condition Assessment (FCA) was completed. Consultant Mott MacDonald Engineering issued a report in Summer 2022.
  • Phase Two of the FCA launched.
    • What is an FCA? The FCA is an updated inventory and condition assessment of all existing campus buildings and major infrastructure. It informs every Capital decision  and will help shape the new Master Plan.