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A Better Tomorrow

Join A Better Tomorrow to make tomorrow a better day for everyone around you. Did you know that 46.5 million Americans are in poverty starving at this very moment and these numbers continue to rise? There are about 1.56 million Americans currently homeless. Did you also know that each person you know is at risk for some type of a heart related disease or problem? It seems like we’re jumping around on causes, but at A Better Tomorrow , we strive to help everyone. Your voice counts as well, do you have a charity you feel passionate about or a specific cause you want to educate people on? Lets make a difference to change tomorrow. Do you want or need volunteer hours? How about CEC hours for your classes here at Ramapo? Well if you join A Better Tomorrow you are in luck. With certain events being co-sponsored by the CCEC office here at Ramapo, we are able to provide you with these hours.