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What is the Changebuilders Program?

The Changebuilders program, in conjunction with New Jersey Campus Compact (NJCC), is a program where individuals can take on year-long service projects to build skills that can make them more successful in the coming job search, meet other students who are also interested in making a difference in the community and could apply for a scholarship of $1000!

How will Changebuilders benefit me?

Through Changebuilders, you will take on a year-long service project. through this service, you’ll gain valuable experience and skills that will help you be more successful in a competitive job market. As well as this, throughout the year, you’ll attend different workshops that will help develop your resume, highlighting the service you are doing and how important it is.

As well as all this, if students complete the required hours within a year, they can apply for a scholarship of $1000 that can be used on whatever they see fit

What do I have to do?

In order to become a changebuilder, you must

  • Meet with the Changebuilders Coordinator to discuss your interest and pick a service position
  • Complete at least 40 hours of service by the end of the year
  • Log your service hours on Givepulse. This is a website that tracks your hours
  • Attend monthly cohort meetings with the Changebuilders Coordinator and participate in service reflections
  • Attend Career Development workshops

Virtual Service Opportunities

If you are interested in doing virtual service, please fill out this survey and join the Changebuilders Archway page!

Math Adventures (Teaneck Tutoring)

-Here at Math Adventures & Word Play (MAWP), we work hard and play hard as we learn and grow into scholars. Reading, writing, and math, that’s our game. Join us and take part in an adventure of learning that is fun and enriching. Our team of community volunteers is committed to helping young scholars reach their greatest potential.

Big Brothers Big Sisters

-Our one-to-one mentoring relationships support the critical social and emotional development needed to help build resilience and promote the mental health and well-being of thousands of children we serve across America. Now more than ever, Big Brothers Big Sisters agencies across the country are stepping up to find innovative ways in serving our communities

United Way of Newark FAFSA Challenge

-The Newark FAFSA Challenge is an initiative to help Newark high school seniors complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) or the New Jersey Alternative Financial Aid Application for New Jersey Dreamers. Originally launched in fall 2019, the second year of the FAFSA Challenge will be 100% online to ensure the safety of our students, parents, volunteers, and staff. Signature partners of the 2020 Newark FAFSA Challenge include the United Way of Greater Newark and the Newark Board of Education.

Smithsonian Digital Volunteering

-Assist the Smithsonian with transcribing old journals and other documents. Sift through history and make these texts available for everyone to be able to read and digest!

United Nations Volunteering

-Perform service with the United Nations! Do important work for the worldwide community. Some of this work requires specific skills. An example being, knowing different languages and doing translation work. See if you have these skills and continue to make a difference!

Crisis Text Hotline Volunteer

-Do crucial work providing support and assistance for those in crisis. There is a significant time commitment so please read all of the information available on the link. There is a great opportunity to make a difference here. I encourage you all to watch the TED Talk video on the link.

Contribute Captions to YouTube Videos

-Follow the steps below to learn how to add captions to videos to help the hearing-impaired.

Be My Eyes

-Be My Eyes enables any sighted person to lend their eyes to help the blind or visually impaired. As a volunteer, you’ll get a ping when a user requests help, and you can accept the request at your convenience.

Once connected, you’ll see the world through the user’s camera and can support things like reading a train schedule, turning down the thermostat, or making sure an outfit matches.


If you are interested, please contact Dylan Heffernan at


Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, ‘What are you doing for others?” ― Martin Luther King Jr.