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FAIVNDH – View whether an invoice was paid to a specific vendor. Shows invoice #, check date, check # and amount of payment.

FGIBAVL – View budgets and available balances

FGIBDST – View budgets, year to date, commitment and available balances

FGIENCD – Check the available balance on a purchase order

FGIOENC – View encumbrances in a specific account

FOIDOCH – To view Purchase Orders, Requisitions, Invoices and Checks. Shows whether a PO or REQ has been approved, whether a check has been issued or whether an invoice has been paid.

FPARDEL – Cancel requisitions

FPAREQN – Create requisitions

FPIOPOV – View purchase orders issued to a particular vendor

FPIPURR – View detail information regarding a purchase order

FPIREQS – View incomplete requisitions

FPIRQST – Displays requisitions entered by a specific user

FTIIDEN – Look up vendors