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2006 Winners

Sa’idah Sharif. Through a chance encounter with a victim of domestic abuse, Sa’idah Sharif of Roselle experienced a personal call to help Muslim victims of domestic violence, drawing on her knowledge of Islamic culture to found the state’s first support service for members of the Islamic community.

Father Ronald Stanley. For the last 30 years, this Catholic campus chaplain has traveled to a small village in the remote mountains of the Dominican Republic to help build a stronger community. For the last decade, he has enlisted the aid of college students who travel with him and live among the poor farming families as they work to bridge the gap between the First and Third World peoples.

Anthony Marzocca. 17-year-old, Anthony Marzocca of Wayne, worked alongside his father to pull two children from a burning car after it hit tree and burst into flames. In 2001, he rescued a skier in distress who had skied off a cliff. For both actions, Anthony was recognized by the National Court of Honor for the Boy Scouts of America.